5 Reasons to Trip Plan with Trover

Since it appears to be travel planning week here on Twenty-Something Travel, I wanted to introduce you guys to a new website that I have been playing with, somewhat obsessively, for the last couple of weeks. It’s called Trover and it’s the social travel planning site we’ve all been waiting for.

Now before you ask, yes, I am working with Trover on a promotional campaign, but to be perfectly honest: I would share this with you guys anyways. Over the years I have been pitched literally dozens and dozens of different travel networking sites, and for the most part I’ve thought they were all a load of crap. They couldn’t do anything that Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest don’t already have down to a science.

Trover though, Trover offers something new and potentially very useful. It’s a social networking site for travelers that focuses on beautiful pictures and legitimately useful information with organization tools to help you actually turn the pretty pictures into something actionable.

Here are some of the reasons I like Trover:

It’s like Pinterest but for Travel

I love Pinterest for a lot of things: recipes, cross stitch patterns, ideas for cute boots, but I’ve never had a lot of luck using it for travel planning. The images are too idealistic and there isn’t any concrete information about what you’re looking at. Many of the pictures don’t link anywhere and have no descriptions. Sometimes it’s impossible to tell where a picture is actually from or if it’s even a real place at all. Sometimes the pictures are seriously misleading. It’s hard to sift through all the detritus and find concrete information.

Trover on the other hand is dedicated solely to travel, and the pictures are posted from their original source- the expert who took the picture. It is really easy to browse the sight looking both for inspiration and for concrete information for trip planning. I’ve been using it to plan all the things I would like to do and eat on my trip to Hong Kong next week.

Actually Useful Information

Pinterest may be great for travel inspiration, but Trover offers concrete useful details. Each image is paired with a description of exactly what you’re looking at, often with exact addresses, best times to go or restaurant recommendations. You know, stuff you can actually use. Sometimes there are even links to blog posts with more information.

Pictures Organized by Location

One of the most important features of Trover, for me at least, is the geomapping functions. All pictures are tagged with their geographical location when they are uploaded, which makes it extremely useful for finding interesting nearby sights.

For example, when I look at a list, like this one of the Best Dumplings Around the World, the restaurants closest to me are displayed first. Instant Seattle to-do list!

Likewise I can create my own list, 48 Hours in Hong Kong, and Trover will map out the various locations for me.

The Mobile App is Really Functional

I’ve primarily been using Trover online but I’ll be relying on their mobile app while I’m abroad next week. Luckily the app does almost everything the website does. You can add new pictures on the go, browse other people’s suggestions and create lists.

Even more importantly you can access the lists you’ve already made. So when I arrive in Hong Kong I can simply pull up my list, check out the map and decide exactly where I want to go.

You can use Trover’s location mapping abilities to find out about awesome places near you, kind of like with FourSquare or Yelp. Here is a list of stuff near my apartment in Seattle:

What’s near my apartment in Seattle
Restaurant up the street (that I really need to check out)

Trover Actually Wants to Help People Travel

As I mentioned above, I’ve been pitched many, many social networking sites for travelers and I reject them all- because it is nearly impossible to grow a community from nothing. So, I was surprised to find what is already a vibrant and active community hanging out on Trover. People are actually there, posting pictures, recommending places all over the world. There is a ton of content and information free for the taking.

Even better, Trover just announced a Travel Scholarship Program. At the beginning of each month they reward $500 to a community member of their choice. No need to enter or jump through hoops. Just be an engaging member and you could win $500 for travel.

You have to appreciate a company that actually wants to help it’s customers see the world.

Trover is free to use, and is really a fun way to plan, share your own travels and get inspired. Are you on Trover? Connect with me here!

This post was written by me, brought to you by Trover.

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