5 Things To Do in Your 20s Across the Globe

Your 20’s should be a time for exploring the globe and experiencing new thrills. It is a great time to remove yourself from your comfort zone and do something each day that scares you. Travelling is a great way to learn more about yourself and forge new friendships that will last your lifetime. Here are 5 things you to do in your 20’s across the globe.

Explore the World by Sea

There are many different cruise lines that sail many different routes. Getting a job on a cruise ship is a fabulous way to explore. There are plenty of opportunities for employment and you can work in retail, housekeeping, kitchens, and casinos.

If you are sufficiently qualified you can work as a hairdresser, nurse, doctor, or musician. The staff members often get to explore the ports when the ships dock so it is a great way to see new things.  Exploring the world by sea is a great way to travel and experience the world and is definitely one of the things to do in your 20s.

Explore India

India has 29 states and there are more than a thousand languages spoken here. It is a fascinating blend of cultures and is the second largest population in the world. Make sure you spend some time in Rajasthan to explore the temples, step wells, and palaces that are there.

Visit Delhi, the capital city, and explore the markets, The Red Fort, and The Lotus Temple. Take a trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, a stunning white marble building. It is a great place for trekking and you trek in the Himalayas up north or head to south to Kerala and trek the Western Ghats. There are so many fascinating things to try here. You can study yoga in an ashram, take a safari to see tigers and teach English in a village.

Things to do in your 20s - Visit India


Work in Argentina

A great way to experience Argentina is to work as a gaucho on one of the ranches. Some of the ranches are strictly for herding cattle and some of them have guest houses that they rent out to tourists. You can find ranches that will offer free food and accommodation if you are willing to work for free. Most of these require a commitment of a minimum of three months so make sure you have the time stay that long.

Enjoy Munich’s Oktoberfest

Travel to Munich, Germany in late September through to the first weekend in October and take part in Oktoberfest. It is one of the biggest parties in the world and over 6 million people attend it annually. Vast amounts of beer are consumed and there are festivities and delicious local food.  This is one of the best things to do in your 20s!

Celebrating Oktoberfest - Things to do in your 20s

Volunteer in Thailand

There are many different opportunities for volunteering in Thailand. You can work with elephants, teach English to monks, help women gain empowerment, teach English to children, help conserve coral reefs and many more opportunities.

Although you are volunteering, there are still costs involved with doing the projects, so make sure you do a lot of research beforehand to find out what is covered and what you will gain. Make sure you book at least a week at one of the many beautiful beaches before heading back to your daily life.


What other suggestions for things to do in your 20s across the globe do you have?


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Five Things to Do in Your 20s Across the Globe

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