A Tempting Dessert Photo Essay

So right now I’m on a “wedding diet.” I say “diet” in parenthesis because it’s not a real only eat grapefruit or obsessively count calories type diet. I don’t believe in those. This more of a “Go to the gym a lot and try not to eat sugary and fried crap or drink any beer diet.” Which is easier I guess, but also really hard because I love beer.

I also really love dessert, and forsaken it is really hard. Last night I was going through some pictures on flickr and all of the ghosts of desserts past kept leaping out at me like long lost friends. So, since I can’t have any dessert, I thought I would let you guys share in the torture with some of my favorite sweet shots from around the world.

Parfaits in Nice, France
Best ice cream in the world, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hand blown sugar rooster, Chengdu, China


Home-made peach cake, Tuscany, Italy
Cupcakes, Seattle, Washington
Department store sweets, Tokyo, Japan
Hot Chocolate with Cheese, Bogota, Colombia
Cheese and honey, Marseille, France
Red bean ice cream in Chinatown, New York City
Tiramisu cups Rome, Italy
Street sweets, Xi’an, China
Berry pie with cream, Helsinki, Finland
Pistachio Cannoli, Rome, Italy

Now I REALLY need some chocolate…

What’s your favorite international dessert?

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24 thoughts on “A Tempting Dessert Photo Essay”

  1. What a nice list. I think the one I would want to try the most would be that Peach cake! They all look great and since I already have a sweet tooth why not try them all.

  2. A pistachio cannoli! Where has that thing been all my life. Cannoli’s have a special place in my heart since they are one of the few deserts my husband can eat, and pistachios are just delicious. Throw those two things together and I think my head might explode.

  3. Best post ever…. I have the worst sweet tooth! I love mango sticky rice from Thailand, and ice cream from anywhere, flan from Mexico, churros con chocolate from Spain, waffles with powdered sugar in Amsterdam, I could go on and on haha.

  4. After reading your post I had to go out and get some ice cream 🙂 I am a sucker for desserts!! The tiramisu cups in Rome look amazing – have to look out for them next time we’re there 😀

  5. I visited Xi’an about a week ago now and discovered those hand-blown sugar animals there too! I thought they were ballon animals at first 🙂 I wrote a post on my blog that mentions them actually. You can also get red bean ice cream here in Beijing too – it’s soooo good! 🙂 R ~~~

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