About Jessica

Jessica Dawdy is a freelance writer and former serial expat who spent four years traveling and eating her way through Europe and Asia. She’s called over seven different countries home from Spain to Japan and done everything from teach English to paint houses to fund her adventures. Now based in Toronto, Canada, she continues to do what she does best eat and travel as a staff writer for Foodism Toronto and a hotel reviewer for Oyster.com

First Stamp Ever in Your Passport: England. My mom was raised in the UK, and my first overseas trip was to visit relatives in England and see where she grew up.

Favorite Place in the World to Eat? Japan. I love how their approach to cooking is so paired-down and simple, but the results are incredibly flavourful. I could eat nothing but Japanese food for the rest of my life and be a very happy girl.

Dream Trips: South America. It feels like this gap in my travel resume that I haven’t visited a single country there yet. Plus, I need to eat all the empanadas.

The One Thing You Never Leave Home Without:  My laptop. I never stop writing.

What You Do When You’re Not Traveling: I love cooking. Food is such a huge part of culture all over the world, so I feel like experimenting with different cuisines gives me this connection to the places I’ve been (and the places I want to go!).