The Alexander Indianapolis: Hotel or Art Museum?

I don’t usually write about hotels, because honestly, what is there to say about most of them? They are pleasant, they have comfy beds and white sheets. Sometimes they leave you nice mints on your pillow. I’ve stayed in hundreds of decent hotels over the years, and in most places they have been one of the least interesting aspects of my visit.

Every once in awhile though, I get to stay somewhere really cool, somewhere that isn’t just a hotel, but an experience itself. When that happens I definitely want to share, which is why I am devoting a whole article to the colorful and fun hotel I stayed at in Indianapolis: The Alexander.

 The Alexander is an art hotel, a trendy concept at the moment, but unlike some hotels which merely feature rotating works of art, the Alexander was built around a large selection of specially commissioned art pieces.

The artistic attention to detail starts in the guest rooms which, in addition to being gorgeous, are each different. Can you imagine decorating 157 rooms, each with their own art pieces and different accent rugs, walls, pillows and furniture.

Throughout the hotel are larger art pieces, most of which are reflections or references to Indiana. Even the bathrooms have been decorated with art installations.


The parking garage is full of edgy street art by British graffiti artist Nick Walker.

Most stunning of all is the hotel bar, Plat 99 (the restaurant Cerulean is downstairs), which features 99 colorful sparkling glass lanterns.

It’s my own personal prejudice that I don’t think of Indianapolis as a particularly cultured city. In truth, this gorgeous, hip and most importantly comfortable hotel was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to art in the city.

My stay in Indianapolis was sponsored by Visit Indy. All fawning art-hotel opinions are my own.

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