Announcing My First Ebook: A Year Without Make-Up

I’ve been sitting on this announcement for weeks, and I’m really thrilled to finally share my news with you guys!

Since the day I started this website, nearly 4 years ago, I’ve wanted to write a book, or maybe eventually a lot of books. As it turns out with everything in life, follow through is a lot harder than just having big ideas. I never really had time to sit down and put something together that I thought was worthy.

Then, opportunity fell in my lap. Thought Catalog, a website I really enjoy and admire, got in touch with me about joining their new e-publishing program. It seemed like as good a time as ever so I went to work.

I pulled some of my favorite blog posts from Twenty-Something Travel, and cobbled them into a story of sorts. The articles are all pulled from this website, but most have been rewritten with juicy new details and insights- kind of like a remix.

After a stressful month of re-writing, editing and a handful of panic attacks I’m really pleased to share the finished product with you guys:

a-year-without-make-up-2Β So what’s it about?

A Year Without Make-Up is a series of articles about my first year of travel: the inevitable decision to quit my job, the preparations and the amazing year where I met Michael, explored South East Asia, lived in China and more.


The title comes from an article I wrote fairly recently, about how I stopped wearing make-up while traveling. I chose that because I think it’s a pretty great metaphor for a lot of the changes that happened to me once I started traveling: I stopped caring so much about what other people thought and started charting my own course in life.


The book is short, a lazy afternoon read, and is on sale for just $2.99Β on iBookstore and Amazon.


Why Should You Buy It?

Here are a few reasons I came up with that you might want to support my book:

  • You enjoy my writing style and would like to see me write more
  • You owe me a favor and/or are related to me.
  • You’re a more recent fan of the blog and want to see where it all started.
  • You’re an old fan of the blog and want to reminisce about how young and stupid we all once were.
  • You’re not a fan of this blog at all and want some hate-reading material.
  • You like stories that involve self-discovery, romance and exotic places.
  • You’ve got $3 to spare… did I mention it’s only $2.99?

If you do buy the book it would great if you would leave a review (honest- of course!). I totally welcome any and all feedback.

I’m really excited, because I see this tiny book as the start of something new and big for me; a direction I’ve always wanted to go but never had the guts. So… here’s hoping it goes well!

Check out the book here!

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32 thoughts on “Announcing My First Ebook: A Year Without Make-Up”

  1. Congrats on the book! I just wrote a review of it on my blog. Absolutely loved it! And will probably use it as a travel guide on my first trips to Vietnam and China. Very well done!! =)

  2. Congratulations and thank you! I’m in a similar boat to you, twenties and traveling, and I also want to write! You’ve inspired me to believe I can do it. πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  3. Congratulations Steph, you’re such an inspiration to me, and a lot of other people by the looks!

    I’ll be purchasing πŸ™‚

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