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I never like starting blog posts with apologies, so instead I will just say: I know it’s been quiet around here lately. Dead quiet.

Partly it’s because Megan and I have both been super busy- working on other projects and doing our own travel. Partly it’s because we’re at somewhat of a cross roads on the next step to take for this website. We have so much going for us on here, but so little time to work with it.

There will be more going on in this space eventually. But until then… here’s what’s going on with me:

Italy Right Now

Right now, Italy is pretty great!

We finally finished the bulk of annoying administrative stuff we were dealing with. We’re settled in our apartment, Marcella started daycare (and loves it), and even Leo has his pet passport sorted out. It’s finally starting to feel like yes, we really live here.

Even better, after months of drab gray weather it’s finally starting to get warm and sunny. It’s only in the 50’s right now but already Bologna is starting to transform into its summer self, and I can’t wait to see what that looks like.

There’s been some unexpected shake-ups around here employment-wise over the past couple months. Long story short: Mike and I are both freelancing again. This hasn’t been the case since 2014 so we’re both learning this new rhythm as we go.

Various Travels

the joy of train travel

We’ve also started to poke our heads out of our Bologna bubble and look around. We took a long weekend trip to Malta in February and accidentally caught Carnival in Valletta.

In March my mom came to visit and we traveled all around Northern Italy: to Verona, Vicenza, Modena, Turin and Florence. I discovered that Verona just might be my new very favorite Italian city. We’ll do even more local traveling over the next few months when even more friends and family come to visit.

A New Way to Follow Me in Italy

When I started Twenty-Something Travel nearly a decade ago (holy crap), It was very much a personal blog. I documented a lot of my life on here, including my budding romance with Mike, the highs and lows of my first year backpacking in Asia and more.

As the site grew more and more successful, it became less and less a place for me to share my personal life, and more of an inspirational and informational blog. This was very good for business, but to be honest- I have really missed those early, more casual blogging days. I miss that kind of writing, the kind that got me into blogging in the first place.

So I did what any girl who is too busy to write on her own blog should do: I started another one. It’s called Pizza and Passports and it’s just a totally casual place to share my personal travels and tidbits form my life in Italy. It’s filled with baby pictures, food porn and the good bad and the ugly of life in Italy. Basically anything I would have filed under “Steph’s Stuff” in the categories section here.

My agenda with this new blog is zero. I have no intention of building and audience or monetizing or getting sponsored trips. I just want an outlet to help me enjoy personal blogging again.

So, if you’re interested in that stuff, please feel free to follow along. If not, Why Wait will still be here.  I’ll still be writing on Why Wait, but it will mostly be informational pieces. Maybe the occasional Italy update.

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