Argentina: The Best and Worst

So it is finally time to wrap up my time in Argentina. Almost four months in this country, the longest I’ve been in any one place for quite a long time. It’s been fun but I am more than ready to move on!

But not before I recap the past few months…

Total Days in Argentina: 99

Amount Spent: (I’m only counting the first and last week to give a better view on travel versus LIVING in Argentina. So this is for 2 weeks, one in Buenos Aires and one traveling the country) $862

Amount Per Day: $61.50 a day. This seems pretty accurate to me. Argentina is NOT a value destination by any stretch, particularly in Buenos Aires.

Places Visited: Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba, Mendoza

 Favorite Places: Rosario (where I should have lived) and Mendoza

Least Favorite Place: Cordoba. I was so uninspired I didn’t write a word.

Most Memorable Moments: Wine tasting in Mendoza, catching a major protest in downtown BA, hosting dinner parties in our lovely top floor apartment.

Biggest Misconception: That Argentina is a budget destination- prices are on par with Europe these days! In Buenos Aires we were hard pressed to get a (non self-catered meal) for less than $7 a person and even crappy dorm rooms in hostels are $15+.

Best Meal: Too many to choose! Many steak dinners at La Cabrera and the asian fare at closed door Cocina Sunae.

Worst Meal: Nothing was bad per se, but my goodness did I ever get tired of eating the same things over and over and over. Variety is not the spice of life in Argentina.

Most Annoying Thing: The crazy inflated price of groceries and the constant craving for fresh veggies.

Most Visited Attraction: I ended up at La Recoleta Cemetery three times! I know I said I love cemeteries but this was entirely unintential I swear.

Best Wildlife Shot: Look at those parrots from Temaikan zoo. They totally want to rip my face off.

Best Advice: Don’t just visit Buenos Aires, get out and explore the rest of the country! Also don’t come in Jan/Feb unless you like the sensation of being roasted alive.

Biggest Regret: Not making it to Patagonia. Sigh. Hopefully it will be in the budget next time….

Would I Come Back? Definitely, although I’ve had my fill for a little while at least.

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