Everything in Australia Can Kill You

Before I arrived in Australia I felt slightly anxious- it seemed like such a DANGEROUS place! Crocodiles, sharks, spiders an snakes- did you know that even platypi have poisonous stingers? Basically I’m amazed that anyone in Australia lives to adulthood.

However, I fly out on Sunday so it appears I have successfully survived my two months in Australia (knock on wood). It hasn’t been nearly as treacherous as I imagined- I only saw one snake and I think he was more afraid of me than I was of him anyways.

I have however developed a weird fascination with the warning signs I find plastered all over the beaches and parks of Australia. They all seem to feature the same little man getting brutally maimed by Australia’s many dangers.

Dramatic much? I guess it get’s the point across at least. I’ve spotted this unfortunate little man getting maimed, drowned and crushed all across the country. Guy can’t catch a break, he’s almost bordering on slapstick.  Here’s a compilation of my favorites:

And MY favorite:

Based on these signs it seems like the biggest dangers in Australia are falling down or being tackled by trees!  Thank goodness for the signs, or who knows what kind of danger we might be in.

*I’m currently traveling around Australia in a Chubby Camper Van with the generous help ofTravellers Auto Barn.

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42 thoughts on “Everything in Australia Can Kill You”

  1. Awesome Post. There is a whole family in Norwalk, Connecticut rolling on the floor laughing. We may never be able to get grandma back into her chair!!!

  2. I love the ones we have on the beaches here in Victoria – there is usually one big white sign that usually has at least 8 or 10 smaller yellow signs on it with all of this things to worry about, strong currents, rip tides, waves, rocky beaches, jellyfish, sharks, and the European Wasps which always entertains me – there are 10 serious ways to die on the beach and oh yeah look out for the wasps too…

  3. Haha I am from Australia and found this post hilarious. As I write this I am in New Zealand and am constantly amazed at the lack of things which can kill you – it is the complete opposite!

    But yeah funny observation in terms of beach/park warning signs. I will keep a lookout for that little man from now on.

  4. You may scoff at the tree signs, but last time I went to Australia I did some research (to alleviate some fears in relatives).
    It turns out that more people die due to trees in Australia every year than due to shark, croc, spider and snake attack combined.

    Trees are sneaky buggers, don’t let em get to you.
    Then again, these statistic may have included getting drunk and driving into one/falling out of one

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