Kay Rodriguez

Kay Rodriguez is the editor-in-chief of The Kay Days, a travel blog focusing on immersive travel for young people. She is also a full-time university student at Rice University in Houston, Texas. During school breaks, she travels and writes to inspire other students and recent graduates to do the same.

6 Multipurpose Essential Travel Items That You Should Always Pack

As backpackers, we challenge ourselves to travel as lightly as possible. So, when we’re faced with pricey high-tech organizational systems, quick-dry this and that, and other expensive travel novelties, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Never fear though, because, with just a few multipurpose essential travel items, you can keep yourself organized and clean for the …

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When Trouble Strikes Abroad

Imagine this: you’re alone in unfamiliar territory, and maybe you’re feeling the pangs of solitude associated with traveling. Everything is going smoothly, and the threat of something bad happening doesn’t even cross your mind. Perhaps you’re far, far away from the nearest big city, without reliable cell service or internet access. And then something happens …

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Getting Around Myanmar

Myanmar is a country that will surprise, confuse, and amaze you – its transportation system is no exception. From rickety train rides to freezing overnight buses and off-roading tuk-tuks, the ways to get around the country are limitless, and also quite daunting. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the different transportation systems, their risks and rewards, …

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Scuba Diving in Koh Tao

When I was young, I was always afraid of the water. I didn’t learn to swim until well after my friends in school, and even when I became more comfortable with it, the thought of being in a place where I couldn’t breathe really scared me. My ten-year-old self would have never dreamt of going …

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