Michael Tieso

Sayulita Days Carnival

By Michael Tieso | February 24, 2014

Every year around February 24th, Sayulita comes alive in the loudest way possible. For the week leading up to the party, a carnival pops up on the baseball field in town called Sayulita Days. It reminds me of the county fairs back at home. There are the normal things you would expect like rides, games, […]

Living in Mexico: Cost of Living in Sayulita, Mexico

By Michael Tieso | January 21, 2014

I’ve been in Sayulita for over three months now and I’m still not bored of the small town or of living in Mexico. It has hardly rained with an average temperature during the winter of around 80F/26C. My apartment is near the center of town and since I live on the third floor, sometimes I […]

How To Visit The Hidden Marieta Islands

By Michael Tieso | January 19, 2014

There’s a good chance you’ve seen pictures of Marieta Islands from Facebook or Pinterest. It’s been shared thousands of times because the pictures are beautiful. The pictures constantly appear on my Facebook feed from various pages. It makes it seem so remote, hidden, and undiscovered. Although beautiful in person, it wasn’t what we expected. Marieta […]

How to Find an Apartment in Sayulita, Mexico

By Michael Tieso | November 1, 2013

Nobody told me it was going to be difficult to find an apartment in Sayulita, Mexico because of high season. We thought that we could just walk into town and find an apartment in Sayulita pretty easily. There doesn’t seem to be any article or information out there explaining the difficulties of finding an apartment […]

Filoli Gardens- Woodside California

By Michael Tieso | October 19, 2013

I LOVE the smell of freshly cut grass and being surrounded by the scent of just nature. My first big whiff at Filoli Gardens gave me the chills. It felt relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Since I’m usually living in fairly large cities, this feeling doesn’t come too often and that’s too bad. So I […]

How to Get to Key West for Cheap

By Michael Tieso | July 19, 2013

There are a lot of ways to get to Key West. Since I often opt for slow and cheap travel, I started to research cheap ways to get to Key West. It’s a surprisingly cheap destination to get to if you do enough research. Plus you get the added bonus of the amazing views on […]

Key West on a Budget: Cheap Things To Do

By Michael Tieso | July 18, 2013

It’s easy to spend a lot of money in Key West. However, there are a lot of budget options for people that look hard enough. Here are my best tips for Key West on a budget. Key West Garden Club   Maintained by its members and volunteers, the Key West Garden Club is completely free. TThere […]

The Deserted Island of Dry Tortuga Bay

By Michael Tieso | July 16, 2013

500 years ago in search of the New World and the Fountain of Youth,  Juan Ponce de León found himself on a tiny island that he later called Tortugas (turtles). Ponce de León found that the island was covered in turtles and exotic birds. Juan Ponce de León later became widely known for discovering Florida. Fort Jefferson   Construction […]

Stops You Can Make on Your Drive to Key West

By Michael Tieso | July 14, 2013

One of the most scenic drives in the US is the drive from Miami to Key West through the Florida Keys. The road simply goes straight all the way through. It’s a beautiful drive and most people seem to drive straight through without stopping. That’s a mistake because there’s a lot of awesome things to […]

Interview with Céline Cousteau on Conservation and Sustainability with Contiki

By Michael Tieso | May 21, 2013

I had the amazing opportunity and honor to travel with and interview Céline Cousteau in the Galapagos. She is the daughter of the French explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau, and the granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau and Simone Melchior Cousteau, the ocean explorers. The interview took place only an hour or so after we went diving counting sharks. One of the most memorable experiences […]

The Weird and Wacky World of Blue-Footed Boobies

By Michael Tieso | May 12, 2013

Blue-footed booby jokes never gets old and the Galápagos locals are taking in the English interpretation to the shops. T-shirts are sold throughout the islands that say “I Love Boobies” with a picture of the birds. I felt like a ten year old making booby jokes but it’s still hilarious. Blue-footed Boobies are most commonly found in the Galápagos. A […]

Things I Didn’t Know About Galapagos

By Michael Tieso | May 10, 2013

One of the main reasons why I travel is to learn about the world we live in. I could easily travel around the world for travels sake and not learn about the world but that doesn’t sit right with me. I was talking to my dad about my trip to the Galapagos on the phone […]