Michael Tieso

Michael Tieso lives in Bologna, Italy. He is also Stephanie's husband and Why Wait's tech wizard.

Review of Minaal Daily Bag

The Minaal Daily Bag is a simple, clean, and professional-looking bag. While the intention of owning this bag was for shorter trips, I’ve taken it everywhere with me. I’ve had this bag for a year and still happy with my purchase.

Amazon Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition Review for Travel

Please, someone, help me understand why not a single company has perfected a tablet for kids. While the Amazon Kindle Kids edition is by far the best in the market, I’m still disappointed and frustrated with the options available for kids. The following review is for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet.

How to Get to Key West for Cheap

There are a lot of ways to get to Key West. Since I often opt for slow and cheap travel, I started to research cheap ways to get to Key West. It’s a surprisingly cheap destination to get to if you do enough research. Plus you get the added bonus of the amazing views on your way to Key West. I flew into Key West and drove from Key West to Miami. Here are some tips for getting to Key West cheaply.

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