5 Reasons to Visit the Balkans Now

By Steph | October 27, 2009

I spent a little over a month backpacking around the Western Balkans last summer, and it is an amazing, often overlooked, chunk of Europe. Although the area is notorious for the bloody civil wars of the 1990’s, it is now a peaceful and welcoming place and a new tourist destination ideal for young travelers. Here […]

Using TripIt to Stay Organized

By Steph | October 25, 2009

As I’ve said before, I’m a fan of having an old-fashioned pen and paper travel notebook.  However, once you move from the brainstorming phase to making concrete plans you’re going to need a system to handle all of the electronic reservations and information coming your way. TripIt is an online tool that can help you […]

Sex, Drugs and the Travel Bug: An Interview with Grant Lingel

By Steph | October 20, 2009

Grant Lingel is a talented author who embodies the Twenty-Something Travel philosophy. Leaving college just 7 credits short of a degree, Grant moved to Mexico with nothing but a plane ticket and $300 in his pocket. The resulting adventures through Mexico and Central America are described in his new book Imagine: A Vagabond Story . […]

Creating a Travel Notebook

By Steph | October 18, 2009

There are people who love to plan, and people who don’t. While I admire the fly by the seat of their pants set, I definitely fall into the planner category. For me the initial stages of planning a trip: deciding where I will go, learning about the history and culture, anticipating all the delicious possibilities […]

How to Enjoy a Weekend in New York City

By Steph | October 15, 2009

I used to think I didn’t like Manhattan. The advertisements plastered to every surface, the inescapable flashing lights and honking cars were just too much. And the people, the massive throngs of people pressing in on your from all sides while the skyscrapers loomed overhead. Doing things like shopping on Fifth Avenue, visiting the Empire […]

Forget the Hostel: Unusual Accommodation Options

By Steph | October 13, 2009

Choosing where you will spend the night is an important part of your travel plans. Most people go for the classic youth hostel, the local, cheap business hotel or, if the weather allows it, a place to put down a tent, but what about less common choices? Today’s guest blogger, Aelle, seasoned world traveler and […]

Megabus and the Art of the Deal

By Steph | October 11, 2009

In the age of budget travel it is difficult to tell if that deal you’re being offered is REALLY a deal. Sure Ryan Air will fly you from London to Rome for 5 quid… …Plus £ 40 in taxes… … Plus the £ 5 mandatory online booking fee …Plus £ 30 to check your bag. […]

Piran by Surprise

By Steph | October 6, 2009

I visited Piran by accident. After several lovely days in Ljubljana, my boyfriend and I originally intended to head north to Slovenia’s wine region. I was very excited to visit a small medieval town called Ptuj, mainly because I am really not mature and the name is pronounced “Pahtoohie.” However, due to my inability to […]

Highlight: Dream Essentials Sleep Mask

By Steph | October 4, 2009

When I decided to visit Iceland during the summer solstice, I knew I would need a heavy duty sleep mask to counteract the relentless 24 hour sunshine. A co-worker steered me to Dream Essentials. They have a ridiculously large selection of sleep masks, making it impossible to NOT find what you’re looking for. From the […]

Emily Gerson on Traveling with Contiki

By Steph | October 2, 2009

This summer, my sister and I went to Europe; one week traversing Italy, and another week in the Greek islands.  Planning Italy was doable, but organizing the Greek leg was torture. The ferry schedules were always changing and difficult to decipher. We also kept hearing that they are never on time. Great. We learned that […]

Yellowstone in Pictures

By Steph | September 29, 2009

Yellowstone, with it’s rainbow of hot springs, sputtering geysers and steaming charred earth is the strangest place I’ve ever been. The entire park is actually situated over a giant supervolcano, which is the cause of the zany geothermal phenomenon that dot the area. It’s also a place of great natural beauty, beautiful lakes, rivers and […]

How NOT to Decide Where You Want to Travel; or Why I’ve Never Been to Paris

By Steph | September 27, 2009

Awhile back I wrote there is no bad reason to want to go somewhere. I stick by that assertion; everywhere is worth seeing to the right person. However, over time I’ve encountered reasons that don’t make sense for me personally. While other people may see these spots out, I tend to avoid them. Here are […]