Bad Excuses Not to Travel

“I’d love to travel but…”

No matter what the excuse I’ve heard them all. When I tell people what I do or where I’ve been some are just compelled to tell me their reasons for not traveling. And while I’m a pretty polite person and I don’t say this to them out loud: most of those reasons are bullshit.

Now I’m not talking about quitting your job to backpack around the world, like I did. I know that is not for everyone or even most people. Still, the amount of people who can’t even get it together to take a week long vacation somewhere they’ve always dreamed of just kills me.

Here are 4 often-told excuses that in my opinion just don’t cut it.

I Have Nobody to Go With

Awhile back I recounted the story of an unfortunate gentleman I met at a bar who was waiting until he found his dream girl to take a major trip. This was years ago, I wonder if he’s still waiting? You can’t pin your dreams on someone else, it’s not realistic and it’s not fair to yourself or that as yet unrealized other person.

These days I get at least one email from a month from someone who really wants to travel but has nobody to go with them. I always tell them the same thing: go anyways. It will be intimidating and scary at first, but it will be so worth it in the end. Especially if the alternative is just not doing it.

I Can’t Afford It

I hear this often as well. I think that people often over-estimate how much it costs to travel. Even big long trips can cost less than a year of living expenses. Most smaller trips can be done for probably less than you expect, even with the cost of airfare.

I Have No Time

Yes, yes, everyone is super busy these days- myself included. We all have demanding jobs, family obligations and hobbies that take up so much of our time. In our workaholic American culture it’s sometimes extra hard to justify taking our paid vacation time, even though that is what it’s there for.

The thing is- we all make time for the things that are important to us. If my friend, a first year lawyer at a very demanding corporate firm can find time to take a week long vacation, you probably can too. If you really want to.

I Would Love to Do That… Someday

When is someday? Is it next year? 20 years from now? Do you even know? Someday is an excuse people use when they aren’t willing to make something a priority now.

If you’re putting things off until “someday,” you’re not doing anything to make those things happen. Which means they aren’t going to, unless that is, you start making a proactive plan to turn someday into a real concrete date.

All of these things really boil down to priorities. If you make travel a priority in your life you will find the time, resources and energy to make a trip actually happen. If not, you’re just treading water, and that’s fine too, but maybe it’s time to start being honest with yourself about your own excuses.

So what’s your excuse?

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