How to Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

I know this is a travel blog, and it’s all about travel all the time, but sometimes, traveling to far-flung regions of the globe or even the nearest city isn’t possible. Jobs, bank accounts, and families can anchor you down for a while. Instead of moping through every day just waiting for your next great adventure, try to get out and be a tourist in your own town instead!

Here is how to be a tourist in your own town!

I live near the 4th largest city in New York and my parents/I guess you could say I have lived here all my life and it never ceases to amaze me just how much there is to do in my city that I’ve never done! I was actually just chatting with a friend at the gym about how there is stuff that goes on every day that I don’t even hear about!

I chose have had to be home for the past two months for various reasons and I saw myself starting to go down the rabbit hole of non-travel depression. Instead, I decided to grab some friends every couple days and find ways of making my surroundings fun and exciting.

Here are some great tips you can use to help you feel like a tourist in your own town.

Bring a Camera

Bring a camera to be a tourist in your own town

Think about it, anytime you go off on an adventure while traveling, you pack at least 12 cameras. What better way to replicate that feeling than by throwing your camera in your bag (well, maybe gently place it) for your adventures at home? Push yourself to get photos that are more than just selfies. Think like a tourist! Get a photo in front of your town sign or a local landmark. Not only does this put you in the right mindset, it gives you memories to look back on fondly of your time at home!

I’m definitely guilty of taking 1000+ pictures in a day traveling and with new friends but haven’t taken a single photo with my bff at home in years. #Fail

So break out that camera and be a tourist in your own town!

Follow your local tourism board/city accounts

Seek out your city’s visitor accounts on social media. Don’t know what their handles are? Try searching “visit” then your city and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for! Those accounts are great places to find new and different activities around the city. For an extra challenge, go out for a day of exploring and posting photos and tag your city’s accounts on social media to try to get featured!

Don’t be Afraid to Venture out Alone

Venture Out Alone to Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

When I am traveling, I am fiercely independent, not afraid to eat alone, go to a club alone, etc. But when I am at home, it’s tough to remind myself that I can still do that! Sometimes, you may not be able to find a fellow explorer for a new attraction you want to experience in your hometown so remind yourself, you do this all the time in countries where you don’t speak the language, why can’t you ride solo on your home turf. Trust me, if you’re worried what other people will think of you, don’t. If you see someone you know, just talk to them about the awesome thing you’re doing and I’m sure they will give you kudos for not missing out!

Pair up!

Although venturing out alone is cool and all, it’s more fun being a tourist in your own town with a partner in crime. It is even better if you can find a long-term committed home-turf exploration partner. Decide on a frequency of excursions and take turns planning a day of adventures. Challenge each other to see who can plan the weirdest and most unique activity in your hometown!

Take a Tour or Join a Meetup

Yes, I guarantee there are tours or meetup groups in your town. It is really challenging thinking of your town in that way, but I urge you to seek some out! A historical tour is a great way to learn what shaped the place you love or try a food tour to explore some new eats! has meetups for just about every passion out there. Have something you like doing on the road but can’t find someone at home who likes it too? Find a meetup group that is tailored for your passion and make some new friends!


There are so many ways to act like a tourist in your own town!  Just because you aren’t traveling doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring!

Stuck at home and can’t travel?  Learn how to love staying put.

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Not Able to Travel? Learn How to Be a Tourist in Your Own Town!

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10 thoughts on “How to Be a Tourist in Your Own Town”

  1. Its really amazing to explore your own city but most of us never want to visit nearby places. When i explore my city’s places i realized that there are lots of things to do without spending lots of money .

  2. Love this post! Recently I took the time to travel on my own home town and it was surprising to see so many things that I never really cared before. Now I miss my home town more whenever I travel elsewhere

  3. I’m all about local travel (like, literally: I blog at Let’s Love Local!) after years of living abroad and traveling and there’s so much to do! You just have to try a little harder to be impressed by things/places that aren’t necessarily new to you!

  4. Definitely agree that it’s a good idea to explore your local area. You never know what you might find that’s new even if you’ve been living there for years. I’ve just returned to my hometown which has actually changed considerably since I left so I need to get exploring!

  5. Awesome post! I’ve also been doing Some backyard traveling recently, for reasons of bank account and time – I live close to Copenhagen in Denmark which I haven’t explored nearly enough.

  6. I’ve recently had to move back to my hometown, also for a number of reasons, and I’ve struggled to find things to do when my friends haven’t been available. I’ll use the advice in this post for good, it only takes a bit of willingness to fill your free time!

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