Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Boracay

The end of my Philippines trip found me planted in Boracay for a week. Which was lucky because it led me to the best place to watch the sunset in Boracay: Spider House.

I couldn’t have been happier.

My days were spent swimming in crystal clear blue water, laying on the whitest white sand beach, and reading some delightful books.

My nights were filled with delicious food, spectacular sunsets, and swaying to the tunes coming from a little backpacker bar.

We stayed in a hotel next door to Nigi Nigi Nu Noos and this wound up being the perfect location. Not too many people but a mere 10 minute walk to the D’Mall area in Station 2.

D’Mall is exactly what it sounds like, da mall. It’s an outdoor shopping and restaurant smorgasbord. This was the heavy tourist area but the entire beach was basically built around it. The density of shops and restaurants spread out as you ventured further to either side of D’Mall.

The best place to watch the sunset in Boracay is at Spider House Resort!

Sunset Boracay Phillippines
Boats on the horizon of a beautiful sunset.

On one particular day I saw the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

The day started like any other, walking to D’Mall to get breaky.

On the way, we ran into a gentleman (Kym) we had met at Exit Bar (Facebook page), the backpacker bar, the night before. He wound up joining us for breakfast and a few lazy hours of swimming and sunbathing.

It was at some point during these lazy hours that he mentioned Spider House. He explained that it boasted the most beautiful sunsets in all of Boracay.

You can actually stay at Spider House in Boracay and get these sunsets every day! 

I was hooked after that one sentence.

If you know me, you know I love sunsets. I especially love sunsets over bodies of water. There is something about watching beautiful colors appear in the sky and dance around. I love the feeling of watching the day fade away.

And when a good-looking aussie is telling you about a beautiful sunset with his Gerard Butler lip, it’s hard to say no 😉

Around 5pm we met up with him and started the half hour or so jaunt towards the bar beyond Station 1.

We walked the length White Beach and scaled some limestone cliffs, or walked along a well defined path along the cliffs…whichever makes the story sound more appealing to you.

Eventually we made our way to what looked like little pockets built into the side of a cliff.

best place to watch the sunset in boracay
The most beautiful sunset ever, those are real colors.

We walked through a couple tunnels and came out to a cosy little bar area. We went all the way through to this little lookout area.

We were all oogling the view when this group of people came trudging up a set of stone steps carved into the side of rock, soaking wet.

A quick assessment of the situation was that you could swim in the area! The water was absolutely crystal clear even at the deeper areas.

Sunset Boracay Phillippines
Friends swimming in the sunset.

Unfortunately, I had already changed my clothes for the day so I wasn’t still cloaked in my bathing suit and chose to not go in fully clothed. But my companions jumped at the chance!

Instead I got to take some beautiful pictures!

I was almost in tears watching the colors appear in front of me and listening to my friends giggle and splash around. It couldn’t have been more perfect. I could have stayed in that moment forever.

Eventually, though, the sun did go beyond the horizon. We made our way into the bar bit and sampled their food and indulged in some cocktails. The rest was history!

The deets:

Spider House Resort Boracay

From anywhere on White Beach walk towards Station 1 or if you’re looking at the ocean go to the right. You will eventually hit a stone walkway, continue along that. You fill find yourself on another small stoney beach called Diniwid Beach. Keep walking. Eventually you will find another stone walkway of sorts and something resembling an archway/door/entryway. Go on in! It almost seems as though you’re entering a hotel of sorts with doors and hallways jutting off, keep walking towards the sounds of people/music. Eventually you’ll come out into a cave-like bar area. You’re there! The restaurant is called Wrap ‘N Roll. They have a really diverse menu with true Filipino dishes, curries, and fresh sushi. Enjoy!


Best Place to watch the sunset in boracay

Where is your favorite sunset? Aka where should I head next?

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