Big News: A Twenty-Something Travel Baby

I’ve been keeping something from you guys… and I bet a lot of you have already realized that.

I’m well aware that my blog posts have been spotty and infrequent the past couple months. While Jessica and Megan have still been turning out awesome content, I have been conspicuously quiet. Part of it has been a lot of travel and work keeping me busy, but there’s also been something bigger going on in my life. Something that I just didn’t know how to tell you guys about.

The Next Step in the Journey

2009- About 50 passport stamps and one long lifetime ago.

I’ve been blogging on Twenty-Something Travel for coming up on 7 years soon and I’ve tried to be pretty transparent about the crazy journey that deciding to quit my job and travel has led me on. The many ups and downs of self-employment. The adventures I’ve been lucky enough to have. The breakups, meeting Mike and falling in love with him, our engagement, our wedding, our move to Mexico and then finally finding a home in Seattle.

This news is really just an extension of all that, it never would have happened if all those other things hadn’t happened first. It’s not bad news at all! In fact, it’s pretty great news, so I might as well just spill it:

Mike and I are having a baby!

Yes really. The baby is a girl and she’s due at the end of August. We are so excited to share this wonderful world with her and hopefully raise a new little world adventurer. With our luck she’ll probably want to go solo backpacking on the moon when she’s 18 or something.

Hopefully that clears things up a bit. Those months of spotty posting? It’s hard to feel inspired when you’re lying low with morning sickness and the most incredible fatigue. That long trip to Japan? An extended babymoon. If I owe you an email or something I should just apologize up front- I am getting back on top of everything this week.

But what does it MEAN?

Why have I been so hesitant to share this? Well partly superstition (do you know all the things that can go wrong with a pregnancy? It’s like, a lot), partly several months of just feeling totally crappy (I feel fantastic now by the way) and partly trying to avoid some hard questions about what this means for this website.

To be honest, I don’t really know the answer to that last one. certainly don’t intend this to become a family travel blog- that was never my mission and it’s not in keeping with the guiding spirit and motto of this blog. I don’t think it’s what you guys read for.

That said, I certainly don’t intend to stop traveling. This baby has already been on three continents and it’s negative 20 weeks old. Mike and I can’t wait to show her the big wonderful world and we talk frequently about the trips we will take with her.

18 weeks in Kyoto

Really this all ties back to the problem at the heart of this website. When I started this blog I was 24 and single. Now I’m on my way to 32 and a Mom. That’s a pretty big difference, and something probably has to give at some point. Megan and Jessica do a great job of holding down the under 30 front and keeping this blog title honest, but there’s only so much I can do about the fact that time just keeps marching on.

This is a problem I’ve never known what to do about and I honestly still don’t. My goal has always been to be a resource for young people who want to see the world, but I know that people are interested in my life and my story as well. So I think that while there will probably be some changes around here, hopefully the spirit and the message of this blog will always stay the same. I definitely welcome any input or thoughts on this going ahead. I think I have some serious thinking to do.

In the meantime, I’ve got a ton of Iceland and Japan content to catch up on for you guys. That is, if I can stop browsing adorable baby dresses long enough to actually get some work done…

One excited big brother!

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32 thoughts on “Big News: A Twenty-Something Travel Baby”

  1. Congratulations!!! Having a baby does change travel a lot but it goes through seasons. Our kid is 3 and has been on 20 different trips (4 countries). It is possible but takes some figuring out and every kid is different so where and what you do might change to adapt to the whole family. Maybe you should start a spin off blog for parents and travel?

  2. Congrats!!! You know, I’ve been reading your blog since I was in my mid-20s and single… Now I’m getting married and hope to have my own kids fairly soon. I am excited for whatever direction your blog takes because I too have grown with it. There’s a certain idea to a family travel blog, but that doesn’t mean it has to be yours. I’ve always gone to your website for your honest experiences and will continue to do so, baby-related or no. Your travel style has never been cliche, and the information I’ve received from your has been helpful, refreshing, and interesting. Congrats again, and get ready for the journey! We’ll all be here waiting 🙂

    (also, obviously since it’s a girl you should name her after me, Karolina, or Americanized, Carolina. Not that I’ve made any impact on your life at all whatsoever, it’s just a great name. By the way 😉 )

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