Break Away with Meet Plan Go- October 16th

I know- I’ve been everywhere lately. As I write this I’m still in Europe, but next week you can see me IN REAL LIFE at New York City’s Meet Plan Go event!

So what is Meet Plan Go?

It’s an inspirational event designed to encourage future career-breakers to turn their dreams into plans. The goal is to help people who are serious about long-term travel to actually plan and well, go! The event will have speakers, a plethora of resources and major prizes for attendees. This October 16th there will be Meet Plan Go events in ten cities around the US and Canada.

The New York event will be the largest of all and will feature over a dozen experts, including yours truly.

In 2010 I spoke at the Meet Plan Go DC event shortly before I left on my round-the-world trip. Now I have two more years of hard core travel experience under my belt and I will be on hand (along with Mike and a slew of other travelers and bloggers) to answer your questions on how to long term travel.

If you want to attend Meet Plan Go on October 16th, check out their website for a list of participating cities.

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