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I admit, I haven’t written a lot about Seattle on Twenty-Something Travel yet, I’ve been busy working my way through all the travel  I did this winter and fall first. I had to pre-empt this to tell you that I love my new neighborhood. Love it.

We chose to live in Capitol Hill for a couple of reasons: it’s young, it’s central (good for folks without a car) and best of all it’s fun. The are is flooded with hip bars and restaurants, gay clubs and bookstores. I should be exploring the entire city we call home but so often I can find whatever I need or want within walking distance.

It’s definitely not the cheapest part of the city to live in, but it’s well worth it when you’re young, active and need constant stimulation. Here are some photos I’ve taken over the past 6 months which show why I really love this part of Seattle:

The Capitol Hill Farmer’s market, every Sunday, all year round. 
It’s all local, seasonal, and cheaper than the supermarket!
My favorite takeout place makes gorgeous Malaysian food
Lots of coffee yes, but people are cool about it. 
Community garden on a sunny day!
Gorgeous fall foliage 
Even the dumpsters are friendly
The most amazing bookstore: Elliot Bay Booksellers 
Amazing happy hour cocktails at Capitol Cider Company 
Melrose Market: when you’re planning a fancy dinner

Cherry Blossom season came early- like February
The scene all over my neighborhood for weeks 
Seattle sunset from Volunteer Park’s watertower
An urban oasis


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