Food Experiences

The Surprising World of Mexican Food

By Steph | December 9, 2013

I’m not going to bother writing one of my “What is ___ Food” posts, because you guys know already, right? At least I hope you do: If you’re American there is a Mexican restaurant on every block, and if you’re not American you’ve at least had a taco before, right? If not I suggest you […]

I Want to Live on a Goat Farm

By Steph | October 1, 2013

I mean not really, it sounds pretty smelly and like it might involve hard work. Maybe I just want to live down the street from one and buy all their cheese. Somewhere like Harley Farms, which we visited in San Mateo County. One of my favorite things about northern California is the dedication to eating […]

Eating Indianapolis

By Steph | August 27, 2013

The most surprising and delightful thing about Indianapolis was the innovative food scene. Restaurants in Indy seem focused on using quality local ingredients in endlessly ingenious ways. Here is a taste of what I ate during my weekend trip to Indy:         Now who’s hungry? I visited Indianapolis as a guest of Visit […]

A Serious Taste of China in Flushing

By Steph | June 9, 2013

Finding legitimate chinese food in the United States is a tricky thing. Sure there’s a chinese joint in even the smallest small town, but they all dish up “American-Chinese food” a gloopy, uniform, selection of heavy items that only vaguely resemble their chinese counterparts. Since I’ve come back from China this fake chinese just isn’t […]

How I Flunked Out of Gelato University

By Steph | May 7, 2013

In which I prove that too much gelato is in fact a bad thing… (I was shocked too). When the Emilia-Romagna Tourism folks invited us to spend a day at Gelato University I was, as you can imagine, beside myself. I had no idea what Gelato University actually was but I knew if it involved […]

Why Europe Made my Jeggings Tight

By Guest Poster | December 21, 2012

We’re capping off Guest Post Week with some serious, serious food porn from my friend Meg of Landing Standing. WARNING: do not read this if you’re hungry! Stylish, fitted, incredibly stretchy, and comfortable. These are just a few of the reasons why I love the pajama/jean hybrid pants called Jeggings. Tony used to mock me […]

5 Best Beers Around the World

By Guest Poster | December 20, 2012

After 13 countries traveled, 12 months on the road, and countless beers consumed, I finally feel it’s time to share my not-so-comprehensive, amateur opinion of the best beers in the world. For the sake of furthering human knowledge (you’re totally welcome), I downed beers in South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. So after a […]

U.S. Regional Favorites: Settling Food Wars

By Kristen Kuchar | October 29, 2012

As I mentioned in my first segment on my favorite regional specialties from the East Coast, sampling the local cuisine is what truly makes any travel experience complete. During my summer traveling 27 states in the U.S., I stumbled upon many fantastic dishes that were famous among the residents and even the rest of the […]

The Problem with French Food

By Steph | October 16, 2012

One of the most exciting things about visiting France for the very first time was definitely the opportunity to sample French cuisine. So iconic, so renowned and so tasty, we added France to Eat The World without any first hand experience. Aioli, ratatouille, bouillabaisse- so many elegant dishes I can barely pronounce… Alas, this is […]

Eating Anchorage (or, the Time I Ate Rudolph)

By Steph | September 9, 2012

I’ll be the first to admit that Alaska is pretty far to go for a weekend trip from the East Coast. 9 hours flights on either direction and a 4 hour time difference left me a little bit befuddled during my three full days in the 49th state. Luckily I did manage to fit in […]

The Truth About Kava in Fiji

By Steph | June 3, 2012

Before I left for Fiji I heard plenty about kava: that Fijians were obsessed with drinking it, that I would make you hallucinate, that it tasted terrible. Some of this was true, some of it was a flat-out lie. So I thought I would set the record straight about kava in Fiji. Also known as […]

Sushi in South America: an Unlikely Love Story

By Steph | May 15, 2012

I don’t like fish. They are slimy and smelly and bony and weird. Given the choice, I’d rather eat just about anything else (this does not extend to shellfish which will I inhale, I only loathe the suckers with scales). Yes, even sushi. I’ve always been kind of ambivalent about the stuff. Even after eating […]