Food Experiences

The Eternal Search for Good Mexican Food Abroad: Macho Tacos in Taipei, Taiwan

By Erin De Santiago | May 10, 2012

Since I moved away from California and its endless supply of authentic Mexican restaurants in 2009, I have spent the past three years hopelessly searching for decent Mexican food abroad — especially in Taiwan. Yeah…I know. Obviously, Taiwan is not likely to be home to some of the world’s best tacos, but I always held […]

Facturas: A Guide To Argentina’s Breakfast Pastries

By Michael Tieso | May 8, 2012

Nearly every other block in Buenos Aires has a panaderia (bakery). The bakers wake up extra early to cook and fully stock up their inventory. It’s an unavoidable smell every morning and it’s great. All the good bakeries have a line and sometimes a number system in the early morning waiting to get the freshest inventory. You’re given a […]

The Mighty Alfajore: A Taste Test

By Steph | March 11, 2012

Forget candy bars, Alfajores are a national obsession here in Argentina. Originating in the Middle East then transforming once in Spain and again in Argentina, the modern Alfajore is a large cookie filled with dulce de leche (sometimes mousse or jam) and usually covered in chocolate. You can buy fresh ones in bakeries and prepackaged […]

Jueves a La Mesa: A Real Secret Restaurant

By Steph | March 7, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the phenomenon of closed door restaurants in Buenos Aires. This week I got to try a new one: and this one was really, legitimately underground. “When you ring the bell just say your names. I try not to let the doorman or neighbors know too much about […]

Behind the Closed Door: Buenos Aires’ Secret Restaurants

By Steph | February 21, 2012

First let’s get one thing straight: The food in Argentina is really delicious. I’ve been eating myself into fat pants all month. There’s only one issue: it’s really, really repetitive. Argentineans seem to never tire of the same old favorites, but for me there are only so many steaks, empanadas and milanesas I can eat […]

Three Bizarre Foods to Try at Taipei Night Markets

By Erin De Santiago | February 12, 2012

The Taiwan Night Market scene is a huge part of the local culture and one of the more beloved aspects for travelers visiting the country.  If you tend to err on the side of adventure with your culinary travels, here are three of the more unique, and perhaps bizarre, foods to check out at the […]

Traveling Through Middle Eastern Food

By Maria Laborde | February 2, 2012

Living for 16 months in the Arab world allowed me to delve deeply into Middle Eastern food and enjoy dishes that many tourists have never even heard about. For this reason, today we’re traveling through Arab cuisine, sampling my favorites from the plethora of dishes found when wandering through the region. Indeed, there’s more to Middle […]

Taiwanese Shaved Ice Desserts: Bào Bīng (剉冰) and Xue Hua Bing (雪花冰)

By Erin De Santiago | January 17, 2012

As I currently sit here in Los Angeles, where the temperatures are more reminiscent of summer rather than the middle of January, I find myself missing the gloomy weather of Taipei right now — but only to satiate my craving for a Taiwanese shaved ice. Growing out of the Ben & Jerry’s phase where I […]

Must Try Foods in Taiwan: Xiaolongbao from Din Tai Fung

By Erin De Santiago | December 27, 2011

Whether you’ve visited Taiwan yet or not, you likely already know one of the biggest draws to the island is, without a doubt, the food.  Food is an integral part of the culture here and it figures prominently in important Chinese holidays and traditions. Although “Taiwan” is not that old (this year marks the 100th […]

Traditional Foods in Belgium: Liege and Brussels Style Waffles

By Erin De Santiago | October 13, 2011

Belgium is one of my favorite countries for culinary travel – from the cliché of  “Mussels in Brussels”, to the frites, chocolates, and of course, the handcrafted beers, it’s one country I will never tire of visiting. One of the true culinary gems in Belgium is the waffle.  Not the American-style Belgian waffles I grew […]

Exploring Japan’s Iconic Foods: Okonomiyaki

By Erin De Santiago | August 11, 2011

Japanese food is one of the most beloved and revered cuisines in the world. The use of high-end ingredients, delicate flavors, and the artistic creativity in presentation all contribute to my own personal obsession with it. While sushi, noodles, and izakaya fare rank among my favorites, there is one particular dish that I have been […]