Restaurant and Event Reviews

Inside Lisbon’s Incredible Mercado da Ribeira

By Steph | July 20, 2015

I have seen heaven, and it is a food market in Lisbon. Imagine: a vast cafeteria, the size of a football field, serving up nothing but unique local food items at affordable prices. Imagine most of the vendors here speak English, for ease of ordering, and you can just wander from stall to stall sampling […]

A Guide to Jasper’s Foodapalooza

By Steph | February 22, 2015

There aren’t a ton of things that would inspire me to travel to Northern Alberta in the dead of January, but I bet you can guess what one of them is. Food of course. When Tourism Jasper asked me to come up and cover their Food-A-Palooza event (a part of the Jasper in January Festival), […]

Amazing Culinary Highlights of the Aria

By Steph | October 13, 2014

You guys might hate me after this post. I’m really picky about which press trips I will accept, and I probably turn down at least 75% of the invitations I get for one reason or another. When I was contacted by Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas though, I immediately accepted, not just because […]

Better than Batali: Serious Italian Food at Donato’s Enoteca

By Steph | October 10, 2013

Remember back in June when I convinced Kim to play hooky with me and we splurged on lunch at Mario Batali’s restaurant, Del Posto? I was impressed but not totally convinced that the food was worth the extravagant price. I’m even more convinced now that I’ve been to Donato Enoteca in California. It hit me […]

My Lunch at One of NYC’s Most Expensive Restaurants

By Steph | June 17, 2013

I love food. I’m also poor. Luckily for me I find that when traveling that cheap food: hole in the wall restaurants, street stands and hidden local spots, is usually the best food. Since I’m usually so good, I try not to feel guilty about the occasional splurge. Like when I’m in New York and […]

The Eternal Search for Good Mexican Food Abroad: Macho Tacos in Taipei, Taiwan

By Erin De Santiago | May 10, 2012

Since I moved away from California and its endless supply of authentic Mexican restaurants in 2009, I have spent the past three years hopelessly searching for decent Mexican food abroad — especially in Taiwan. Yeah…I know. Obviously, Taiwan is not likely to be home to some of the world’s best tacos, but I always held […]

Theme Restaurants: Modern Toilet in Taipei, Taiwan

By Erin De Santiago | January 29, 2012

There is no doubt that Japan is the king when it comes to intriguing and often oddball themed restaurants.  Taiwan also has its share of themed restaurants as well – the most popular, and perhaps most disturbing to many, is Modern Toilet. You may recognize Modern Toilet from a Travel Channel feature several years ago […]

Expat Bars in Taiwan: On Tap Pub in Taipei

By Erin De Santiago | January 3, 2012

Unlike many of its big Asian-city counterparts, Taipei is not one of the cities where you typically find heaps of English speakers traveling around.  While Taiwan is definitely working to promote tourism in non-Asian countries, there are still times we can go weeks without ever hearing someone speak English. Living in Taipei and interacting with […]

Beach Bars in Belize: Palapa Bar and Grill on Ambergris Caye

By Erin De Santiago | November 22, 2011

While the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize may not have the legendary bar scene that rivals some other famed spots like Southeast Asia, there are certainly a number of nice places to kick back and enjoy a couple drinks. If you’re looking for the perfect daytime spot (and perhaps a place to catch up […]