Stok Kangri Trek: A Riveting Trek with an Epic Climax

By Guest Poster | July 17, 2017

I squinted my eyes and saw the farthest peak in Karakoram Range, Pakistan. I tried to shield my eyes from the intense Sun by placing my thumb and finger on my forehead. The cold winds and intense Sun created an unforgiving combination. I was at a height of 20,187 feet, atop Stok Kangri peak. The only […]

Travel with Caution, Not Fear

By Guest Poster | December 6, 2016

In the wake of concerns over travel safety for women following several high profile attacks in Thailand, Brazil, India and Turkey, the wisdom of choosing to travel is being called into question. Over the past 10 years, I’ve spent close to three years altogether traveling solo in India, Canada, Ireland, Bhutan and Costa Rica. In […]

India Travel Tips for Over-Confident Travelers

By Guest Poster | October 14, 2016

“Just go with the flow.” If anyone has ever given you tips for travel in India, you have likely heard this phrase. It means that unexpected things are bound to happen and you should just roll with it. I don’t know how this travel tip has become so unanimously supported as the single piece of […]

Travel Tips for India – How to Stay Safe, Cool, and Illness-Free

By Guest Poster | October 12, 2016

India can certainly be overwhelming for first-time travelers. It’s complete sensory overload—loud noises; bright colors; various smells ranging from beautiful to horrid; enough spices to last a lifetime; and crumbling ruins, beautiful silky saris, and more. Despite all of that, there are several things you can do to ensure you stay safe, stay cool, and […]

Why You Should Visit a Yoga Ashram in India

By Guest Poster | October 11, 2016

My foot is asleep. No, I take that back. My entire leg is asleep. A numb tingling sensation that reminds me of childhood gymnastics shoots upwards through my body. I’ve been sitting cross-legged in silent meditation, wrapped in the darkness of early morning forsatsang (sanskrit for in the company of the “highest truth”) since 6:00AM. Given my […]

A Lesson from India: Being Thankful For What I Have

By Guest Poster | February 1, 2016

From the busy hustle and bustle of the streets and local markets, to watching the traffic swerve around the cows that would stand in the middle of the roads—India was one of the most fascinating and eye-opening countries I’ve ever been too. India had been a country that I was dreaming about for the last […]

5 Things to Know Before Your Trip to India

By Guest Poster | November 18, 2012

India has always been at the top of my travel bucket list and it’s the one destination that scared and excited me simultaneously. Just recently, I was able to cross off this amazing country off my list and though I enjoyed every minute of my time, India is definitely not without its fair share of […]

Monkeying Around in Udaipur

By Guest Poster | April 15, 2010

Last time we heard from Alex Budak he was exploring a temple full of sacred rats in India. He’s returned to share another of his bizarre stories (he seems to attract them). While less horrifying than the last, this one is definitely PG-13: Scarves, rugs, and tea boxes — to be honest I was pretty […]

Inside the Rat Temple

By Steph | November 8, 2009

Peering around a dark, damp corner, in search of my source of good luck, I was startled as I felt a strange combination of fur and flesh touch my foot.  I looked down and saw a huge rat sidling up to me, and before you can say “Karni Mata” I was out of there. About […]