How Much Does it Cost to Travel? 3 Weeks in Central America

By Steph | August 11, 2017

Welcome to a new series we’re running on Why Wait, called How Much Does it Cost to Travel? The goal of this series is to provide you with real budgets people have used for trips they have actually taken. This could be anything from a long weekend in Miami to 6 months backpacking around South East […]

Discovering Mayan Culture in Guatemala

By Kay Rodriguez | August 18, 2016

There’s something magical about Guatemala – maybe it’s the striking volcanos, the super-friendly people, or the colorful Mayan textiles you can find basically everywhere around the country. After going once to work with a Mayan community in Lake Atitlan, I swore to myself I’d come back to soak in the cool morning air and immerse […]

How Backpacking in Central America is Completely Different Than Anywhere Else

By Megan Stetzel | February 22, 2016

The Central American backpacker trail differs greatly from its Southeast Asian and European cousins. It’s a different monster; a much more good-looking, older, hiking monster. Traveling through CA proved over and over again that any expectations I carried from previous trips must be thrown out the window. This was slightly to be expected due to the […]

Hiking a 14k Foot Volcano in Elephant Pants and Sneakers in Guatemala

By Megan Stetzel | January 25, 2016

Ridiculously, I set out to climb a 14k foot inactive volcano in Guatemala to sleep under the stars while staring at a continuously erupting volcano less than a mile away with absolutely no gear, no training, and no idea of what I was getting myself into. 14,000 feet is half the height of Everest, by the […]