A First Timers Guide to Visiting Leon, Nicaragua

By Guest Poster | August 19, 2016

With a history dating back over 450 years, the city of Leon, Nicaragua has quite a bit to offer to those who travel to explore it. For over 200 years, Leon served as the capital of Nicaragua and today it the second largest city in Nicaragua after the current capital of Managua. Leon, Nicaragua is […]

The Craziest Thing I’ve Done: Cerro Negro Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

By Megan Stetzel | July 18, 2016

Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, (I mean it’s been over 3 years! CRAZY!) you know that I am not a thrill seeking, reckless, traveler. I do, however, firmly believe in not missing out on once in a lifetime experiences. That means I’ll probably jump out of a plane some […]

How Backpacking in Central America is Completely Different Than Anywhere Else

By Megan Stetzel | February 22, 2016

The Central American backpacker trail differs greatly from its Southeast Asian and European cousins. It’s a different monster; a much more good-looking, older, hiking monster. Traveling through CA proved over and over again that any expectations I carried from previous trips must be thrown out the window. This was slightly to be expected due to the […]

The Truth About Nicaraguan Food

By Megan Stetzel | February 8, 2016

It pains me to write this, but I finally found a country whose food didn’t speak to me. I spent a few weeks in Nicaragua, mostly the west coastal areas of León, Granada, Ometepe and San Juan Del Sur, and fell madly for this country. A lot of the infrastructure and characteristics of its people […]