How Much Does it Cost to Vacation in Fiji?

By Steph | December 12, 2018

Fiji is an amazing vacation spot with fun activities, an interesting cultural history, and of course, some of the most beautiful beaches and crystal clear water on the planet. That perfect palm tree lined beach in your dreams? It probably exists in Fiji. As with so many places in the world, how much it costs […]

Christchurch Renaissance

By Guest Poster | September 25, 2017

It was a warm spring day and I was walking around the mall in downtown Queenstown, New Zealand when the ground started to shake. Quickly, I evacuated but, before I reached the exit, it was over. Once outside, I looked around where there appeared to be no damage. That is until I saw my friend […]

How Much Does it Cost to Travel? Tasmanian Road Trip

By Steph | August 25, 2017

Welcome to a new series we’re running on Why Wait, called How Much Does it Cost to Travel? The goal of this series is to provide you with real budgets people have used for trips they have actually taken. This could be anything from a long weekend in Miami to 6 months backpacking around South East […]

The Most Expensive Places I’ve Visited

By Steph | January 23, 2013

There’s a reason I’ve never been to Scandinavia before (next month will change that of course)- I can’t afford it! For all my experimentations with luxury I am still very much a budget blogger when I’m traveling on my own dime. $11 for a beer in Norway? $50 to stay in a hostel? Ouch. In […]

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Australia

By Guest Poster | December 28, 2012

“Oh wow! You can swim with Whale Sharks in Western Australia,” I exclaimed as I flipped through my guidebook, tentatively planning out my three month long Australian overland adventure. “Wait…what is a whale shark? Doesn’t matter… sounds awesome…and we will be there for Whale Shark season as well!” A quick internet search proved that being […]

Fiji on a Budget

By Michael Tieso | December 26, 2012

5-star resorts, private beaches, cocktails, and fancy meals is what many people think when they think of Fiji. It’s hard to believe that Fiji can be affordable when you look at the pictures. The truth is though that Fiji on a budget IS possible even for backpackers. What’s great is that Fiji recognizes backpackers as an […]

5 Best Beers Around the World

By Guest Poster | December 20, 2012

After 13 countries traveled, 12 months on the road, and countless beers consumed, I finally feel it’s time to share my not-so-comprehensive, amateur opinion of the best beers in the world. For the sake of furthering human knowledge (you’re totally welcome), I downed beers in South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. So after a […]

Kangaroo Island Safari

By Guest Poster | December 19, 2012

When people hear the word “safari,” destinations like South Africa and Kenya usually come to mind; however, Australia is home to its own opportunities for unique wildlife spotting, most notably on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. Because of its isolation from the mainland, the fact it hasn’t been affected by introduced species and that 1/3 of […]

Bula Bula Fiji – Video of our trip through Fiji

By Michael Tieso | November 26, 2012

Hard to imagine that six months ago, we were in Fiji. We basically had our honeymoon before we were even engaged. It’s a trip that we’ll never forget. We still talk about our trip pretty often even months later. Here’s a short video of our trip through Fiji. Enjoy! Our trip through Fiji was sponsored by […]

Fiji: The Best and Worst

By Steph | June 24, 2012

Total Days: 11 Total Days it Didn’t Rain: 3 (It wasn’t even rainy season, I just really need to work on this.) Amount Spent: Since we were guests of Fiji Tourism I won’t do a budget breakdown on this one. From what I’ve found it’s possible to travel Fiji as everything from a five star […]

What’s it Like to Stay in a Luxury Private Villa?

By Steph | June 17, 2012

The kind of awesome, and sometimes insane, thing about press trips is that sometimes you get to do things would never otherwise get the chance to do. Like zip-lining or shark diving or, in this case, staying in really, really nice hotels. In Fiji we stayed in some pretty spectacular places. Everything from private islands to […]

What is Fijian Food?

By Steph | June 14, 2012

My first move when I plan to visit a new country? Find out about the food. Even before Eat the World, both Mike and I have been major international foodies. Visiting a new country and learning all about their unique cuisines is like unwrapping a present for us. Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there on […]