Yerba Mate 101

By Steph | February 14, 2019

My brilliant entrepreneur husband  recently started his own e-commerce store selling yerba mate. I had never heard of mate before I met him, but I quickly learned about this important staple of Argentinean culture. In honor of this drink my husband loves, here is everything you need to know to understand mate culture. While Argentinean […]

Facturas: A Guide To Argentina’s Breakfast Pastries

By Michael Tieso | May 8, 2012

Nearly every other block in Buenos Aires has a panaderia (bakery). The bakers wake up extra early to cook and fully stock up their inventory. It’s an unavoidable smell every morning and it’s great. All the good bakeries have a line and sometimes a number system in the early morning waiting to get the freshest inventory. You’re given a […]

Argentina: The Best and Worst

By Steph | May 6, 2012

So it is finally time to wrap up my time in Argentina. Almost four months in this country, the longest I’ve been in any one place for quite a long time. It’s been fun but I am more than ready to move on! But not before I recap the past few months… Total Days in […]

Totally Obvious Things I Did Not Know About Wine

By Steph | April 29, 2012

Maybe I have no class (I mean, probably), but I honestly don’t get wine. I love beer. I will go to great lengths to sample local brews and can even discuss them in a semi-intelligent manner. Hand me a glass of wine though, and the most insightful analysis I can usually drum up is that […]

Dangit, I Should Have Lived in Rosario

By Steph | April 24, 2012

“I think we might have made a mistake,” I told Mike as we walked by the river hand in hand. The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky and several small dogs were frolicking at our feet. All around us happy people jogged, cycled and roller bladed (along with mullets, roller blading never […]

How to Rent an Apartment in Buenos Aires

By Michael Tieso | April 19, 2012

Buenos Aires has one the highest number of hostels than most cities in the world. Dorms go for typically $15 to $25 a night and privates for $20 to $40 a night per person. Since there’s so many hostels, there’s a whole lot of crap. One hostel I stayed in had three 3 story bunk […]

Buenos Aires like a Local

By Steph | April 15, 2012

When I first announced I was moving to Buenos Aires, people got so excited! The general consensus seemed to be that it’s a beautiful, awesome city and that many people would love to live there. “It’s one of the few international cities I could see myself living in,” one travel writing friend told me. It […]

The Real Story of Evita

By Steph | April 5, 2012

So who was Evita, and why do the Argentineans love her so much? How does someone go from a poor peasant to a political leader to an immortal legend? I went on a dedicated Evita tour with Viator to find out.

The Mighty Alfajore: A Taste Test

By Steph | March 11, 2012

Forget candy bars, Alfajores are a national obsession here in Argentina. Originating in the Middle East then transforming once in Spain and again in Argentina, the modern Alfajore is a large cookie filled with dulce de leche (sometimes mousse or jam) and usually covered in chocolate. You can buy fresh ones in bakeries and prepackaged […]

Jueves a La Mesa: A Real Secret Restaurant

By Steph | March 7, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the phenomenon of closed door restaurants in Buenos Aires. This week I got to try a new one: and this one was really, legitimately underground. “When you ring the bell just say your names. I try not to let the doorman or neighbors know too much about […]

La Boca: The Fakest Spot in Buenos Aires

By Steph | February 28, 2012

Even if you’ve never heard of La Boca you would probably recognize it: A street lined with a vibrant rainbow of eclectic ramshackle buildings shining in the sun. It’s probably one of the most famous images of Buenos Aires. This is interesting and strange, because the rest of the city looks absolutely nothing like this […]

Behind the Closed Door: Buenos Aires’ Secret Restaurants

By Steph | February 21, 2012

First let’s get one thing straight: The food in Argentina is really delicious. I’ve been eating myself into fat pants all month. There’s only one issue: it’s really, really repetitive. Argentineans seem to never tire of the same old favorites, but for me there are only so many steaks, empanadas and milanesas I can eat […]