Megan’s Story

Road-Trip Second Stop: Kennebunkport, Maine

By Megan Stetzel | August 21, 2018

On to the next day! Day 2 of our roadtrip took us up to the quiet area of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Maine! This day wound up being joyously random and we went where we felt we wanted to go without a plan in the world! We spent the morning scoping out Boston and getting a […]

How To Spend One Day in Boston

By Megan Stetzel | August 14, 2018

I’ve visited Boston a handful of times in my life. It’s a city that always excites me and always draws me in and has me wondering, “Could I call this place home?” So when I had the opportunity to show off the city to my friend from London as our first stop on our great […]

Providence, Rhode Island

Traveling in the USA in the Age of Trump

By Megan Stetzel | July 28, 2018

You may have seen, if you were paying close attention to our social media, that I (Megan) just got back from a month long road trip down the East Coast of the USA. Traveling around America for a month, I have to admit, made me uneasy. Not because of safety, or the sheer amount of […]

what to eat in buffalo ny

The Ultimate Guide of Things To Do In Buffalo, NY

By Megan Stetzel | December 21, 2017

I don’t really talk about where I grew up and called home for 20-something years, and as it becomes more and more popular to people other than me and my immediate friends and family, I’m realizing that needs to end. When, asked me to put together a guide to a city I know and […]

Live From London

By Megan Stetzel | December 4, 2017

I’ve spent a whole solid month in the UK. Luckily, I thawed out enough in order to get my fingers to type on a keyboard. It’s a bit chilly here. And it snowed last week. This prolonged stay may not last. I am enjoying traipsing around my favorite coffee shops, seeing my favorite people, and […]

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Osprey Giveaway! And Get More Updates Straight From Steph + Megan

By Megan Stetzel | November 15, 2017

Ok, ok, ok! We’ve realized that you actually want to hear from Steph and I more often. We get it! So we are revitalizing our newsletter and ramping it up with more personal updates of our journeys! If you are curious what life is like when you uproot your family, dog and baby under 2 […]

Megan’s Story: Moving to London and When a Trip is Awful

By Megan Stetzel | November 6, 2017

Admittedly, it’s been awhile since I’ve given any personal updates here on Why Wait and that needs to change! The past 8 months of running this blog have been such a whirlwind, I’ve forgotten why I wanted to do this in the first place! To write! And share my journey and hopefully get some of […]

Church in Leipzig

Hypezig – What’s All This Hype About Leipzig?

By Megan Stetzel | September 13, 2017

Leipzig surprised me. Although, I really didn’t know what to expect. My only experience with Germany to this point was a quick, long weekend in Berlin. And although Berlin has the world’s greatest flea market and Sunday afternoon public karaoke (seriously, check it out), my experiences there didn’t make me super keen to return to […]

#PackYourImpact + Travel More Sustainably

By Megan Stetzel | July 28, 2017

Let’s get real here for a second and talk about something that should certainly be on everyone’s radar more than it is as travelers of the world. We are people that see nooks and crannies of the world that many wouldn’t dare venture into, that many can’t even fathom exist. We are the spokespeople for […]

The Challenges of Traveling with Food Allergies

By Megan Stetzel | June 23, 2017

Heeeeeey, it’s been awhile since I’ve been motivated to write some narrative about my travels, sorry about that! I was recently at a travel conference in Milwaukee (holla Milwaukee!!) and I was bluntly reminded of why I started a travel blog in the first place, so I wanted to share the story and then some […]

Why Megan Didn’t Wait to See the World

By Megan Stetzel | March 1, 2017

Hi Why Wait World! Welcome to the rebrand and reincarnation of! As Steph has so lovingly put it, we are in this together from now on, so I wanted to introduce my story to you and why I didn’t wait to see the world!  -Megan Now, I wasn’t born into a traveling family. In fact, […]

This Is Why I Travel

By Megan Stetzel | October 6, 2016

If you’ve been following along on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat- ForksFootprints, you know I’ve been off traveling for awhile without really updating you here at all! I’m sorry! But I’ve really been in some unbelievable situations and experiences that are going to stay with me forever and I’ve kind of been letting them sink in […]