Travel Mindset

This Is Why I Travel

By Megan Stetzel | October 6, 2016

If you’ve been following along on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat- ForksFootprints, you know I’ve been off traveling for awhile without really updating you here at all! I’m sorry! But I’ve really been in some unbelievable situations and experiences that are going to stay with me forever and I’ve kind of been letting them sink in […]

How Not to be a Travel Snob

By Jessica Dawdy | March 25, 2016

Over the past year, my job has taken me not only to new countries, but to the kinds of places I would never have traveled to on my own. The most foreign of these places? All-inclusive resorts. It’s a term that can send chills down the spines of die-hard independent travelers. As I was walking […]

Why Revisiting a Place Can be Just as Magical as the First Time

By Steph | March 10, 2016

I renewed my passport in January. My somewhat ragged, nearly full (including those extra pages) blue book was replaced for a new clean one. It’s kind of a bittersweet experience and a great chance to revisit all the places I’ve been over the past ten years. Also a great incentive to start filling those blank […]

Do NOT Cancel Your Travel Plans Because of Terrorism

By Steph | November 23, 2015

I had a different post planned for this Pre-Thanksgiving short week but it had to be pushed after I saw that the US State Department released a worldwide travel alert today. That’s right- an alert for the entire WORLD. Now I think the State Department does a lot of great things for travelers (I’ve actually […]

Traveling Solo… When You’re Married

By Steph | November 18, 2015

We talk a lot about solo female travel here and around the internet in general. I think that’s great, but there is a subsection of travelers who are often left out of that conversation: the women who are in committed relationships but travel alone anyways. Yes, we exist. I have been married for over two […]

Bravery is Irrelevant

By Steph | September 29, 2015

“You are so brave.” If I had a dollar for every time someone has said this to me, I could probably stop writing top ten lists and relax for the rest of my life. I’ve heard it from high school classmates, distant relatives, random people in bars and more. Basically, I’ve heard it from all kinds […]

Sustainability and the Ethics of Travel

By Kay Rodriguez | September 18, 2015

We’ve all seen it before – you’re walking through a city when a young child comes up to you with teary eyes and tattered clothes, looking up at you with a dirty face and asking for some money. Filled with pangs of guilt, you want to offer money but don’t know if that’s the best […]

How a Seasonal Job Built My Travel Confidence (And Can Build Yours Too!)

By Jessica Dawdy | September 10, 2015

When I was finishing my first year of university, I was itching for a new experience that would take me outside my usual routine of classes and part-time work; but, I was intimidated by the idea of going somewhere unfamiliar on my own. I had only left Canada twice on trips with my family, so […]

Of Course “Don’t Worry About Money, Just Travel” is Bad Advice. Can We Talk about Something Else Now?

By Steph | July 10, 2015

The first time I read this article, I felt terrible. To sum it up, the author is complaining that people who travel, and talk about travel, are ignoring their inherent privilege and encouraging others to make bad financial decisions. The author calls out the attitude: “that is all too prevalent amongst young people who do […]

How to Get Over Your Fears and Start Traveling Now

By Jessica Dawdy | May 13, 2015

A reader emailed me recently asking for advice about how to mentally prepare for traveling – how to get over all those doubts and worries that almost always seem to surface when you’re planning a big trip. It’s a great question, but one that doesn’t really have a simple answer. Here are a few strategies […]

How To Travel When Young: Tips From a Veteran Traveler

By Guest Poster | May 4, 2015

I’m on vacation this week, but I’ve left you in the capable hands of some of my favorite bloggers from past BlogHouse events. First up we have Amber Hoffman from With Husband in Tow discussing her best advice for twenty-something travelers. I once found myself surrounded by young, single, female travel bloggers for a weekend. I […]

The World is Not as Dangerous As You Think

By Steph | February 24, 2015

Last Friday I was contacted by a reporter from the Daily Mail, asking my opinions on “dangerous countries for female travelers.” Now, as an avid internet procrastinator I’m pretty familiar with the Daily Mail and their sensationalistic brand of journalism. I had a pretty good idea where this article was going when I agreed to […]