Travel Mindset

Transformation Through Travel and the Movie “Wild”

By Steph | December 18, 2014

Looking at travel snapshots, including my own, you would think that most travel is a fun, glamorous slice of heaven. Sometimes that is true, but more often than not there is more going on that you can’t see. Bad days, bad nights (the worst), lost direction and anxiety for the future have played a huge […]

Bad Excuses Not to Travel

By Steph | December 17, 2014

“I’d love to travel but…” No matter what the excuse I’ve heard them all. When I tell people what I do or where I’ve been some are just compelled to tell me their reasons for not traveling. And while I’m a pretty polite person and I don’t say this to them out loud: most of […]

5 Things Travel Has Taught Me

By Steph | July 24, 2014

This week in honor of Twenty-Something Travel’s 5 year anniversary all members of the staff are writing about 5 things they’ve learned from travel. Here’s Steph’s take: When I assigned this topic to Kay and Jessica, I thought it would be an easy one to write. After all this blog itself is a testament to […]

5 Things Travel Has Taught Jessica

By Jessica Dawdy | July 23, 2014

As part of Twenty-Something Travels 5 Year Anniversary this week, all of the writer’s are counting down 5 major things travel has taught them. Here is Jessica’s list: I sat down in front of my blank laptop screen thinking that this would be an easy post to write. After all, I feel like I’ve learned […]

5 Things Travel Has Taught Kay

By Kay Rodriguez | July 22, 2014

As Part of Twenty-Something Travel’s 5 Year Anniversary this week, all of the writer’s are counting down 5 things they have learned from Travel. Here is Kay’s list: Let’s think back to the time I got my passport stolen in France. I was terrified, speechless, but most importantly, proud that I had the guts to […]

What is Your Responsibility as a Traveler?

By Steph | March 18, 2014

Have you heard about the new documentary Gringo Trails? Made by an anthropologist, Pegi Vail, it examines the impact of backpackers on local communities in Thailand, Bolivia, Bhutan and Mali. It asks the question “are tourists destroying the planet – or saving it?” I confess that I haven’t seen it yet, but it looks pretty […]

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

By Steph | March 7, 2014

Have you heard of FOMO? Fear Of Missing Out. I’m months and months behind on the trend pieces but it is something that has been on my mind lately. “FOMO is the fear that everyone else is having more fun, more excitement and more rewarding, anecdote-worthy experiences than you” said the Telegraph wrote last year. […]

A Year Without Make-Up: One Year Later

By Steph | January 13, 2014

Last January I published this post: What I Learned From a Year Without Make-Up. I wasn’t really trying to prove anything, I was just looking at facebook photos one evening when the realization came to me that travel has really changed my attitude towards cosmetics. I hadn’t ever thought about it before but I quickly […]

When Someone Else Travels

By Steph | September 17, 2013

In May 2001 my mom took a life-changing trip to Israel with her friend. Most people probably love to tell stories about their travels and where they went but for many reasons it is my mom’s trip to Israel that stands out to me because of how it affected me and my family. My mom’s […]

Turning Loss into Opportunity

By Guest Poster | August 13, 2013

Late December 2010, just a few days after Christmas, I received an email from my father. I was finishing my semester abroad in Barcelona at the time and sitting in my bedroom at my host family’s house. The email was brief. My father had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He was sorry to have to […]

5 Terrible Reasons to Travel the United States

By Steph | August 9, 2013

As a travel writer I receive dozens of press releases in my inbox each day. They are mostly pretty useless stuff like “Labor Day Travel Tips” or “New Hotel Opening in Santa Monica.” I would say I probably delete 95% of them without even opening them, which is why I feel lucky that his one […]

The Places You Can’t go Back To

By Steph | June 30, 2013

“We’ll see it next time,” is my common refrain, not matter where we are in the world. We missed that museum in Milan? Next time. Never made it to a coffee plantation in Colombia? Next time. Missed some signature dish in Vietnam? We’ll definitely be sure to try it next time. No matter where I […]