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Sex, Drugs and the Travel Bug: An Interview with Grant Lingel

By Steph | October 20, 2009

Grant Lingel is a talented author who embodies the Twenty-Something Travel philosophy. Leaving college just 7 credits short of a degree, Grant moved to Mexico with nothing but a plane ticket and $300 in his pocket. The resulting adventures through Mexico and Central America are described in his new book Imagine: A Vagabond Story . […]

Highlight: Dream Essentials Sleep Mask

By Steph | October 4, 2009

When I decided to visit Iceland during the summer solstice, I knew I would need a heavy duty sleep mask to counteract the relentless 24 hour sunshine. A co-worker steered me to Dream Essentials. They have a ridiculously large selection of sleep masks, making it impossible to NOT find what you’re looking for. From the […]