Product Reviews

The Lost Girls: A Review

By Steph | May 11, 2010

Having a blog is kind of like falling in love. You wake up one morning and suddenly you can’t remember what your life was like before you spent every waking moment thinking up travel articles. What did I used to DO with all that free time (I mean, besides laundry, which I’ve been neglecting to […]

Bloggers Helping Bloggers: Travel Blog Success

By Steph | February 2, 2010

I don’t usually write about the nuts and bolts of travel blogging, mainly because I haven’t been doing this terribly long and I don’t really feel qualified to give out a lot of advice. That said, I’ve been getting a fair amount of queries lately on how I built Twenty-Something Travel into what it is […]

Sex, Drugs and the Travel Bug: An Interview with Grant Lingel

By Steph | October 20, 2009

Grant Lingel is a talented author who embodies the Twenty-Something Travel philosophy. Leaving college just 7 credits short of a degree, Grant moved to Mexico with nothing but a plane ticket and $300 in his pocket. The resulting adventures through Mexico and Central America are described in his new book Imagine: A Vagabond Story . […]

Highlight: Dream Essentials Sleep Mask

By Steph | October 4, 2009

When I decided to visit Iceland during the summer solstice, I knew I would need a heavy duty sleep mask to counteract the relentless 24 hour sunshine. A co-worker steered me to Dream Essentials. They have a ridiculously large selection of sleep masks, making it impossible to NOT find what you’re looking for. From the […]