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How Different is Traveling with A Toddler?

By Steph | January 22, 2019

When Mike and I found out I was pregnant, we were so excited. We couldn’t wait to show our new little person this big wide world that we love so much. But privately I was also kind of terrified. I knew that having a baby changes your life radically, I just didn’t really know or […]

Can You Travel with a Baby? An Honest Review

By Steph | August 16, 2017

It’s almost impossible for me to believe that my baby turned 1 last week. It seems like just yesterday I was super pregnant and writing my kiss off maternity leave post. Then Marcella came crashing into my life and things have never been totally the same. Before I gave birth, I had a lot of […]

Preparing to Move Abroad- Part One

By Steph | August 2, 2017

We are roughly 90 days out from our big move to Italy, so I figured it was time for an update. As with most big trips, there is a lot of small progress over time, then a huge rush of activity before departure. We’ve been trying to get as much as possible done as early […]

6 Ways Traveling Together Can Strengthen a Relationship

By Guest Poster | July 24, 2017

There are so many ways to keep your relationship strong and to grow alongside your partner. For me and my husband, our preferred method is travel. I first met Nathan in a hostel dorm room in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was 2011, and I was on a European backpacking trip just after college, traveling with my […]

Having Kids Doesn’t Mean an End to Adventuring

By Guest Poster | June 19, 2017

Did you spend your 20s traveling and exploring the world? Both my husband and I have long had a love for travel and spent a fair share of time in our early 20s on quick getaways both in the US and abroad. We’d pack our backpacks and go — for 36 hours if it meant […]

The New Normal: Traveling with a Baby

By Steph | June 14, 2017

To tell the truth we haven’t really done a lot of travel with Marcella yet- mostly because we are trying to save our money for the big move in October. We will have ample opportunity to travel once we’re based in Europe (and she might even remember some of it).  We’ve done a few weekend […]

What it’s Like to Travel During Your Third Trimester

By Steph | June 22, 2016

After such a carefree travel experience to Japan in my second trimester, I was feeling pretty invincible. I felt great! Almost normal. Traveling during pregnancy was a cinch and made for the cutest photos. Then the third trimester hit and everything changed. It turns out carrying a wiggly, hungry bowling ball around in your abdomen […]

What It’s Like to Travel During Your Second Trimester

By Steph | May 11, 2016

I’ve widely heard the second trimester referred to as the “golden period” of pregnancy. When I rolled into it at 14 weeks I was not convinced. I still felt pretty icky and I started to worry I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy the three-week babymoon we had planned for Japan. (Here is the article […]

What It’s Like To Travel During First Trimester of Your Pregnancy

By Steph | April 11, 2016

Now that the secret is out I am excited to share a bit about what I’ve learned from traveling while pregnant the last few months. I want to share because when I was googling I didn’t find close to enough on the subject. In some ways, it’s the same as travel used to be, but […]

Mom Vs Daughter: What was our Trip to Alaska Really Like?

By Steph | September 25, 2015

How often do you travel with your parents? I haven’t done it very often since I reached adulthood, but I’ve been trying to take the opportunity to travel with my parents more often lately. Back in March my Mom and I went to Boston together, and it went so well, I decided to take her […]

Travels with Father (Why You Should Travel with a Parent)

By Steph | September 19, 2013

I’m still on vacation so enjoy this fantastic post by Melissa Hogan about how to travel with your parents. It’s got me thinking that I ought to do something similar with my own parents one of these days… We were sitting shoulder to shoulder in a tiny car, bobbing and weaving around narrow Irish roads. […]

When Someone Else Travels

By Steph | September 17, 2013

In May 2001 my mom took a life-changing trip to Israel with her friend. Most people probably love to tell stories about their travels and where they went but for many reasons it is my mom’s trip to Israel that stands out to me because of how it affected me and my family. My mom’s […]