Part-Time Travel

Being A Digital Nomad vs. Being Location Independent

By Steph | August 30, 2017

This post is about more than terminology I swear. Hang around travel blogs for a while and you will start to see certain words bandied around quite a bit. “Digital Nomad” and “Location Independent” are two phrases you will see, often interchangeably. But they are actually two different things. I was reminded of this when […]

River Cruising in Your 30s is Unexpectedly Awesome

By Guest Poster | August 14, 2017

So…you know you’re…umm…a bit younger than the typical demographic, right? That’s my 60-something mom speaking, giving me a gentle warning over Facetime that my husband and I quite possibly just signed up for an 11-day float down the lower Danube with a boatful of octogenarians. When I went on mine, even I was on the […]

How To Travel The World As A Dancer

By Guest Poster | May 15, 2017

If you were to ask a group of Millennials how to “travel and get paid to do it,” they’d all pull up their Instagrams and their blogs and show you analytics and affiliate links. And THEN, they’d probably try to sell you an e-course, a nomad guide or social media planner…To each their own, but […]

Creating a Better Travel/Life Balance

By Guest Poster | November 23, 2016

As I enter the end of my mid- twenties, I’ve found that finding the elusive work – travel – life balance is just that, elusive. When I started my career in travel roughly three years ago, I never would have thought that I needed to worry about finding a balance between being on the road, […]

How to live a life of travel even with a full time job

By Guest Poster | November 22, 2016

You see it everywhere online: “Quit your job and travel the world!” For those with a case of wanderlust, like myself, it’s the ultimate dream. Who wouldn’t want to be exploring a new culture and city every day? The adventure! The excitement! However, this can’t be reality for everyone and for some, may not even […]

3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Solo Business Travel

By Guest Poster | September 16, 2016

So unfortunately I’m not the type of traveler who has decided to up and quit her job and travel the world. My life is a series of calculated risks that pay out in the form of steady employment, a 401k and over-priced health insurance. So while my fellow friends and travelers are off on whirl-wind […]

You Don’t Have to Quit Your Job to See the World

By Kay Rodriguez | September 1, 2016

Student loans, cell phone bills, and medical insurance… What do all of these things have in common? Yes, they cost money, and money is hard to come by as a recent college graduate. Getting a job right out of college is pretty important, and for the vast majority of people, entry-level positions don’t allow a […]

Money Changes I’ve Made to Support a Life Filled with Travel

By Megan Stetzel | August 30, 2016

In 2013, I decided to drop everything and get my TEFL certification in Cambodia and teach English in Thailand. I really wasn’t sure where this was going to lead but I had a good feeling that Thailand wouldn’t be the last country I visited. I was right. The travel bug bit me pretty hard. I […]

How to Travel Slow on a Short Trip

By Jessica Dawdy | August 6, 2015

When I was living abroad, it was natural and easy to travel slow.  With a home base in another country, I had virtually all the time in the world to venture to neighboring cities and discover the nuances of my temporary home. Now that I’m based in Toronto, however, and traveling in one or two […]

How Travel Really Can Help Your Career

By Jessica Dawdy | March 11, 2015

Career is definitely high on the list of factors that hold people back from traveling more. It’s understandable. No one wants to fall behind their peers, make a major career misstep, or loose direction in life. A few weeks ago, I was hired for my literal dream job reviewing hotels for I’ll be traveling […]

From Digital Nomad to Something New

By Steph | February 19, 2015

I won’t lie, a part of me felt like I was giving up. Cashing in the glamorous nomadic lifestyle for a lease, furniture and a gym membership. What a sell out. “How long are you planning to stay in Seattle”, other travelers would ask me, (“a year?”). “I don’t know. Maybe forever?” I would reply […]

Challenges of A Traveling College Student

By Kay Rodriguez | August 24, 2014

With the heart of a traveler but the mind of a college student, I took a giant leap from exploring the world to corporate America this summer. Of course, this meant dressing in fancy clothes each day and learning about big business in the United States, but more importantly it meant that I was working […]