Part-Time Travel

How to Travel And Work Full-Time

By Christine Amorose | March 25, 2014

(This is part two of Life-Travel Balance Week. Check back all week for more tips!) Long-term travelers have all the time in the world, but not necessarily a ton of cash. When you’re working full-time, however, it’s easy to watch your bank account fill up but feel as if you don’t have the time or […]

Finding the Travel-Life Balance

By Kay Rodriguez | March 24, 2014

 (This is part one of Life-Travel Balance week. Check back for more tips all week long.) Growing up has caused me to come to terms with the fact that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Usually around 1 or 2 AM you’ll find me sitting in my dorm room bed, energy drink in hand, […]

On the Company Dime: Making the Most of Business Travel

By Steph | March 28, 2010

Whenever I hear people say “I’d love to have a job that that involves travel” I can’t help thinking: Why? I mean sure, if you were a guidebook writer, or a food critic, it would be awesome to be sent to various exotic locales to explore and stuff your face. But regular business travel is […]

Tips for a Quick Travel Adventure

By Guest Poster | March 18, 2010

Most travel guides will advise that you give yourself enough time to leisurely see a city. But what happens when all you can spare is a day or two? Rob Blasko from Vagabond3 offers  advice for just those occasions: It’s a big, big world out there, and I’ve always had a desire to explore as […]