Solo Travel

On My Own

By Steph | April 19, 2011

I wrote this over a month ago, sitting in my guest house in Vientiane: I’m on my own again. It’s so funny, when I first planned out this trip, up until just a month or two before leaving, I always thought I’d be doing it alone. I was okay with that, even excited for it. Well, life intervened […]

Learning to Love Being Alone

By Steph | June 1, 2010

(Over the next couple of weeks I’m recounting ways that travel has helped me to learn about myself. For references check out my first article: How Travel makes us Smarter, Wiser and All-Around More Awesome) Here’s a story I don’t think I’ve ever written about before: Studying abroad in London was the first time I’d […]

Choosing to Travel Solo

By Christine Amorose | April 1, 2010

Christine has been a long time reader and commenter on this site, so I was really excited when she asked to write a blog post. As a big proponent of solo travel myself, I really like how Christine honestly weighs the pros and cons of deciding to go it alone. If you like this post, […]

Who Should You Travel With? Part 3 of 3: When Two is a Crowd (Going Solo)

By Steph | August 20, 2009

(This is a subject that deserves serious thought. Who you decide to travel with affects your trip experience in many large and small ways. Traveling in a group, traveling in a pair and traveling alone, I’ve done all three and will give you my personal advice over the next week. On Sunday I wrote about […]