Celebrating the Mexican Revolution with Some Serious Cuteness

It seemed like any other morning. Except the gym was closed for some reason. And there were a lot of small children wandering around the streets in gowns or fake mustaches. Something was up and a quick wiki search confirmed. Yesterday was El Día de la Revolución. Revolution Day!

Why didn’t we know? Not sure. It wasn’t a crazy holiday like the Day of the Dead. The highlight happened at around 10 AM when the children of Sayulita paraded down the main street to celebrate Mexican Independence.

It was sort of cultural but it was mostly freaking adorable:

That mustache! I am dying. I am literally dead of cute.

Revolutionary…cheerleaders? At least they are co-ed


Heavy artillery- these things shot fireworks!
This is the only kid in the entire parade who got to ride a horse.
Proving it’s not as cute post-puberty

Even the bystanders are insanely cute





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11 thoughts on “Celebrating the Mexican Revolution with Some Serious Cuteness”

  1. Mini Zapatistas! That fake moustache reminds me of some truly epic stick-on-beards I saw kids wearing during a historical parade in Korea. Even some girls were rockin’ them.

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