Second Chances: Where Would you Like to Revisit?

Some places you leave knowing you’ll never return (at least voluntarily). Other places just keep calling you back again and again.

There seem to be two major schools of thought vis-à-vis revisiting places you’ve been before. They are:

  • The “Life’s too Short” People– There are so many interesting things in the world to see that you can’t possibly get around to them all. There’s no point dwelling on ground you’ve already covered when you could be exploring brave new worlds.
  • TheQuality over Quantity” People– Why mess with what you already know you enjoy? Sure it’s good to branch out a little, but if Spain is what you love, stick to Spain.

Prague in the Fall

I, of course, am conflicted.  I’ve been visiting London over and over for years now and I can’t seem to get enough of it. Seeing Big Ben and the gherkin is like visiting old friends and yet I still feel different and learn something new every single time I walk along the Thames. I adore that city and will never, ever pass up an opportunity to visit.

On the other hand, outside of England there aren’t very many places I’ve been more than once. At this point in my life I’m far more focused on seeing new parts of the world than returning to the ones I already know.

Zagreb Opera House

Still, in the back of my head, there is a list of places I need to get back to. These places are all very different, and my reasons for needing a second encounter vary. Among them:

  • The place I didn’t give enough time: Zagreb

That one hurried evening in Croatia’s beautiful capital before I rushed to catch a bus left me intrigued and wholly unsatisfied.

  • The place I may have misjudged: Prague

The rainy November weather and bickering travel companions may have clouded my judgment on this city that everyone but me seems to love.

  • The place where I felt a connection: Rome

If London is my favorite European city, Rome is a close second. Even though it was late December, my time in Rome felt like constant sunshine. I’d love to go back and soak up some more.

Other places I’d add to the list: Amsterdam (never did see the red light district- that’s a story for another time), Puerto Rico, and Edinburgh. I’m sure that as I continue to travel this list will only grow, until one day I get around to making a second round.

The Roman Forum

What places would you most like to revisit?

( Post your answers in the comments and I’ll make a post of the best ones next week.)

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