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Must Eat in Milwaukee

I know that when most people think of awesome food cities in the US, Milwaukee isn’t the first to spring to mind. Places like New York, Portland and even DC are bit flashier with what they have to offer, while the Midwest is woefully modest. Even so, I had high hopes for the food in …

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How to Eat Like a Local in DC

Most visitors would never know it, but the Washington DC area is actually one of the best areas in the country for really authentic international cuisine. You name it, we’ve got it, from Bolivian to Chinese to Ethiopian, all fairly cheap and bringing total realness. From the make-up of downtown DC however, the city seems …

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What is Finnish Food?

“What do they eat in Finland?” I asked Mike, almost immediately after we found out we were headed there (this was quickly followed by “how do we not freeze to death?”). I couldn’t name a single Finnish dish, and I really had no idea what to expect. I mean, in a place so frozen most …

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What is Fijian Food?

My first move when I plan to visit a new country? Find out about the food. Even before Eat the World, both Mike and I have been major international foodies. Visiting a new country and learning all about their unique cuisines is like unwrapping a present for us. Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there on …

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The Weird World of Colombian Fruits

Most people think of cocaine and coffee when considering Colombian agriculture, but in actuality Colombia is a spectacularly fertile place. Not only does Colombia grow a large percentage of the flowers imported to the USA, it’s got an incredible diversity of fruits. Seriously, Colombia has fruits you’ve never even heard of, never even dreamed of! …

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10 Foods You Must Eat In China

Chinese food is surprising delicious. I had no idea what to expect because the only thing I knew about Chinese food was American-Chinese takeaway. To anyone who hasn’t been to China yet and is going soon, here’s an article for you. Or hopefully convince you enough to go to China because of this post. Sweet …

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