Discovering Authentic Bolognese Cuisine with Delicious Bologna

By Steph | March 26, 2018

Bologna is a city for foodies, no doubt about it. Instead of must-see attractions like the Duomo or the Coliseum, they have must-try dishes like pasta al ragu and tortellini in brodo. When we moved here though, I ran into the same problem I always do: What do I need to try? Where is the […]

FICO Eataly World First Impressions: Bring Your Appetite… and Your Wallet

By Steph | November 28, 2017

Ever since we announced we were moving to Bologna, people have been sending me articles about the upcoming FICO Eataly World. People are very excited, and so was I of course! An amusement park for foodies?! The park only opened on November 15, so just a week later Mike, Marcella and our visiting friend Jason […]

A Piccolo Italy Update

By Steph | November 13, 2017

Ciao! When I last left you we were in the terminal stages  of preparing for our family move to Italy. Well… we made it! All four of us are now in Bologna, where it is currently raining heavily. To be honest, not that much has happened yet, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging […]

Learning Patience Abroad: 5 Tips on Surviving Travel with 30 Female Art History Students

By Guest Poster | December 1, 2016

Traveling with thirty female students wasn’t easy for me nor our university professor set on taking us to 6 different Veneto cities and towns over three weeks. We were there to learn about the Venetian Renaissance and the eventual rise and fall of the Empire as well our libidos. Additionally, my first time abroad to […]

Gluten Free Guide to Italy

By Megan Stetzel | May 5, 2016

I recently went to Italy for the first time. Going to the land of pasta and pizza sounds like heaven on Earth right? Well, for a Celiac like me, it seems like the land of gluten and tummy troubles. I had heard rumors, though, that Italy wasn’t as difficult for gluten free diet followers as […]

First Time Adventures in Italy

By Megan Stetzel | April 21, 2016

Adventure while traveling comes in every shape and size. Sometimes it’s climbing a 14k foot volcano, sometimes it’s snorkeling with whale sharks or trying fried tarantulas or even spending a day with a remote hill tribe. A first trip to Italy typically involves a whirlwind experience of a handful of provinces, sightseeing and eating as […]

Italy: The Best and Worst

By Steph | May 14, 2013

Wow, I have been writing about Italy forever, haven’t I? There is just so much to say and I could probably go on and on (particularly about food), but I think I’ve reached the end of my Italian musings for the time being. Which means it’s time for Best and Worst! Total Days: 15 Total […]

Things I Did Not Hate About Milan

By Steph | May 12, 2013

Of all the places I’ve visited in Italy, Milan may be my least favorite. It’s a very generic European big city: expensive, generic and really, really smoggy. Now if Milan were a city in any other country, I might have liked it more better. Coming off of a two week high in Rome and Bologna […]

7 Things I Loved About Bologna (and Why I’ll be Back)

By Steph | May 9, 2013

Even though neither of us have even been to Bologna, Mike and I have long had it on our short list of places to seriously consider living in Europe (along with Rome of course). We had heard so many good things from friends who have visited and lived there. It did not disappoint, at all. […]

How I Flunked Out of Gelato University

By Steph | May 7, 2013

In which I prove that too much gelato is in fact a bad thing… (I was shocked too). When the Emilia-Romagna Tourism folks invited us to spend a day at Gelato University I was, as you can imagine, beside myself. I had no idea what Gelato University actually was but I knew if it involved […]

Let’s Make Bruschetta!

By Steph | May 5, 2013

Yup, we’re going to do the cooking thing now. I don’t talk about it much on here, but in the past year or so I’ve gotten really into cooking. I’m still not very advanced but I do really enjoy the process (and the end results). I mostly focus on simple and healthy dishes (although I […]

The Covered Walkways of Bologna

By Steph | May 2, 2013

If there ever was a city made for people like me, it’s Bologna, Italy. Not just because of the food (although, oh man….), or the history or the plethora of bookstores. No, the reason I immediately knew Bologna was my kind of place was the porticos. Much to my dismay I’ve become notorious for constantly […]