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New York I Love You?

I never used to care for New York very much. When I was a kid I found it crowded, dirty and overwhelming. The tall buildings and the masses of people used to make me feel cramped and claustrophobic. Growing up in DC, just 4 hours away from the biggest city in the US, I had …

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Why I Went to Mexico

Have you been to Mexico? I never had, until a surprise trip sent me down the Mazatlan, Mexico last weekend! This was my first trip south of the border, which is kind of weird because Mexico is RIGHT there hanging out by California and Texas. Basically I’ve been to China, Iceland and Australia, but I …

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Vancouver Culture Shock

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Canada: it’s really nice. Vancouver especially is just really, really pleasant. The streets are spotless, the people are friendly and the air is crisp and clean. In essence it’s the complete opposite of China. Which I was arriving from, smelly and tired after 20-some hours of traveling (fun …

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Time to Go?

Guestpostravaganza continues for the time being (weigh in with your opinion here) with a really interesting and honest contribution from Abby Tegnelia on a side of travel nobody likes to consider: Ever since I conned my parents into letting me jet off to Europe on a senior trip with a high school group I didn’t …

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Flirting with San Francisco

Travel, like dating, is an exercise in possibilities. A thrilling rendezvous with a new city is all about getting to know each other, searching for a common connection. Do I like how this place makes me feel? Could I see myself, working, playing, and living here? Could I make a long-term commitment? It’s a game …

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We show you why, where, and how to get out and see the world.