5 Best Beers Around the World

After 13 countries traveled, 12 months on the road, and countless beers consumed, I finally feel it’s time to share my not-so-comprehensive, amateur opinion of the best beers in the world. For the sake of furthering human knowledge (you’re totally welcome), I downed beers in South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. So after a …

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Kangaroo Island Safari

When people hear the word “safari,” destinations like South Africa and Kenya usually come to mind; however, Australia is home to its own opportunities for unique wildlife spotting, most notably on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. Because of its isolation from the mainland, the fact it hasn’t been affected by introduced species and that 1/3 of …

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Bartending in Australia

Australia is a great place for students, backpackers and working holiday-makers to find jobs, especially in bars. I lucked out with a job at the bar of a five-star hotel, so it came with lots of perks, but you could have just as much fun at a simple country pub. If you’re interested in bartending …

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Everything in Australia Can Kill You

Before I arrived in Australia I felt slightly anxious- it seemed like such a DANGEROUS place! Crocodiles, sharks, spiders an snakes- did you know that even platypi have poisonous stingers? Basically I’m amazed that anyone in Australia lives to adulthood. However, I fly out on Sunday so it appears I have successfully survived my two months in Australia (knock …

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All Wrapped up in Blue

The Blue Mountains, just and hour or two outside of Sydney, are on everyones must-do in Australia list. For some reason, maybe because I’m too cynical, I assumed I would find them underwhelming- that they benefited mostly from their proximity to Sydney. Boy was I wrong: The Blue Moutains were stunning.  They are one of …

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Little Britain, Australia

It always amazes me how pioneers discover new lands then promptly name everything after the place they just came from. In the United States we have New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire etc etc, all named by homesick settlers to the new world. Since they were colonized by the same bunch of unimaginative blokes, it …

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Where Have All the Hippies Gone

So after I left Brisbane the rain reverted back to it’s constant, depressing onslaught as were rushed our way down the Gold Coast towards Byron Bay*. But we’ll forget the rain for the moment because I was looking for something else down the coast: culture. More specificially Hippie Culture. Byron Bay started as a surfer’s …

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Brisbane is a Nature City

A miracle happened in Brisbane: the sun came out. Not for the whole week and not every day, but enough to cheer my cynical and soggy soul. Maybe it was the sunshine, or the laid back locals, but something about Brisbane reminded me a lot of California. Like Californians, Australians really appreciate their countries gorgeous …

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