Mostar: From the Ruins

On Sunday I told you about Sarajevo, a beautiful, cultured city still rebuilding itself after almost total obliteration. The vivid dichotomy between beauty and destruction was visible throughout the country, but nowhere was it more apparent than in Mostar, the biggest city in the southern region of Herzegovina. Teeny tiny history lesson: Mostar, a gorgeous …

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The Forgotten City of Sarajevo

I booked my ticket to Sarajevo on a blind whim. I knew about Bosnia’s recent bloody history, and I’d read an article somewhere on how pretty the city was, but other than that, I really had no idea what to expect from this beautifully named place in the center of Southeast Europe. What I found …

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Inside the Rat Temple

Peering around a dark, damp corner, in search of my source of good luck, I was startled as I felt a strange combination of fur and flesh touch my foot.  I looked down and saw a huge rat sidling up to me, and before you can say “Karni Mata” I was out of there. About …

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Piran by Surprise

I visited Piran by accident. After several lovely days in Ljubljana, my boyfriend and I originally intended to head north to Slovenia’s wine region. I was very excited to visit a small medieval town called Ptuj, mainly because I am really not mature and the name is pronounced “Pahtoohie.” However, due to my inability to …

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Yellowstone in Pictures

Yellowstone, with it’s rainbow of hot springs, sputtering geysers and steaming charred earth is the strangest place I’ve ever been. The entire park is actually situated over a giant supervolcano, which is the cause of the zany geothermal phenomenon that dot the area. It’s also a place of great natural beauty, beautiful lakes, rivers and …

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Iceland in Pictures

After Sunday’s post I realized that I had a lot more Iceland pictures I wanted to share with you. Over the course of 10 days I took almost a thousand pictures, here are my favorites: The Blue Lagoon outside of Reykjavik. The water comes from  a nearby geothermal power plant, is steaming hot and leaves …

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8 Free Things to Do in Rome

If you like big cities, really, really vast cities than you will probably love Rome. It is a sprawling metropolis full of beeping scooters, ringing church bells and the constant and jarring juxtaposition of ancient Roman ruins nestled next to vibrant shopping avenues. Thousands of years of history just burst out of every corner; complimented …

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