How to Drink the Australian Way

If there is one thing I learned from my time in London, it’s how to drink like an Australian. For the rest of you here is Chris from the Aussie Nomad to fill you in:

Australia is popular for a lot of things; kangaroo’s, Steve Irwin and that infamous phrase “Throw another shrimp on the barbie”. Something else most people associate with us is our love of beer, well our love to drink it to be exact.

Nobody can hide the fact Aussie’s don’t mind a drop of the amber liquid(that’s beer for all you foreigners). Records taken in 2004 had us ranked 4th in the world for consumption with the United States way down in 13th (that’s only 2 above New Zealand you know #justsaying). Blame it on our amazing weather or our laid back don’t worry about it attitude, we always know when its beer o’clock (even if it is at 12 in the afternoon… on a Tuesday).

You could be in Queensland and have a hankering for a XXXX (its pronounced four-ex don’t say X 4 times you’ll look like a dill) or be way down in Tasmania and want to try a glass of James Boag’s to see what the pure waters of Tassie can do for you. They are special, just watch this authentic video the brewery released:

Wherever you are just remember the following rules about beer etiquette and you’re sure to have a great time drinking in Australia:

  • Don’t under any circumstances order/speak/think of Fosters. Real Aussie’s don’t drink Fosters
  • Each state has a beer they are loyal too, check the logos on the beer taps before ordering
  • Your beer should never be more than arms length from you at all times. if you must visit the loo it must go with you
  • The only complaint you can make about a free beer is that it’s too warm
  • Never drink so slow that you let your beer get warm. You will have to finish it
  • Beer can only be bought in stubbies from the liquor store unless there is a possible issue with breakage in transport
  • If you find yourself buying rounds of drinks with an Aussie pray he has a girlfriend to go home too or you’re in for a long night
  • When someone says it’s your shout don’t scream at the top of your lungs. They just mean it’s your turn to buy the beer
  • When happy hour is on you will be expected to buy drinks in multiples
  • If going to visit a mate for a few drinks under no circumstances are you to arrive with less than a 6 pack
  • If your drinking light beer you better be of the female variety

While there are many more rules to beer drinking down under that should hopefully save you from the obvious question of “your not from around here are you mate”.

Lastly before you all turn into Aussie’s and comment the hell out of this post I wanted to tell you what beer Aussie’s really drink. After all I know from the moment I started this article you’ve all been dying to know. Well the time has arrived…


Lastly let me leave you with a glimpse of some of our all time favorite beer advertisements. If they don’t leave your mouth dry then really you’re not welcome in Australia perhaps you should try New Zealand.

Chris is The Aussie Nomad . Your typical Aussie who loves a beer and a laugh. Burning the suit and packing his career into a backpack he’s setting off to travel and work the world over.

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41 thoughts on “How to Drink the Australian Way”

  1. Yeah, we consider Foster’s to be the worst beer to ever exist. We decided to only export and never sell it here again, and for some reason it does well overseas. Our most popular beer’s are: VB, XXXX Gold, Tooheys Extra Dry, and Pure Blonde.

    1. Same here in the US. We only export the really terrible stuff like budweiser and miller and keep all the amazing craft brews to ourselves.

  2. Give your head a shake,aussies can’t drink i’ve been a few times your light weights,Even drinking “before 12 ” ???

  3. Fourex when busted. Gotta be 2 degrees above freezing. Wine when flush from the Macedon Range, Cheers and tread lightly… that’s my foot.

  4. Ian [EagerExistence]


    “If you find yourself buying rounds of drinks with an Aussie pray he has a girlfriend to go home too or you’re in for a long night”

    So true.

    My favourites are the blokes who say “ok, we’ll hit the pub after work for a sneaky beer or two”… and we leave at 2am.

    1. haha, a “cheeky beer” as I recall. Was just thinking you might want to check out Chris (the author of this guest post’s site for some inspiration) his plans were similar to yours.

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