The End is Nigh: The Last Year of My Twenties

Yesterday was my birthday! I celebrated here in Mexico, which I don’t think I could have guessed if you’d asked me last year where I’d be. A happy surprise.

I turned 29, and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’m in a good place in my life now, an exciting one! The world is still full of interesting possibilities, but it’s not as scary as it was when I was 26 or 23 (the real world is horrifying when you are 23).

However, there is one big problem with turning 29, and if you are reading this blog you can probably figure it out…

Look carefully

In exactly one year my twenty-something travels will be over. Which is not to say I plan to stop traveling, just that time keeps marching on and I haven’t yet figured out how to stop it.

Call it poor planning, but honestly, when I started this blog as a 24 year old, desperate to see the world, I never once imagined I would still be doing this five years later. I just wanted to motivate myself, and others to get out and see the world while they are young.

This website has taken me places beyond my wildest dreams, literally and figuratively. I’m happy to keep going, having adventures and writing about travel and life. The NAME though, the name is the problem.

Of course, it’s not just the name. I don’t travel exactly the same as I did when I started this blog. I’m slower now, I’m less interested in backpacking and more interested in long term travel and food and culture. I’ve still got plenty to say, but it’s not necessarily the same stuff as when I started out. At the same time, traffic has never been higher, so at least someone out there must be enjoying what I’m putting out there.

For years people have been asking me “what happens when you turn 30?” like it’s the most clever question in the world. I usually shrug and say I’ll figure it out later. But ugh, later has come and I need to come up with a solution that’s smarter than Thirty-Something Travel (because, really, how stupid would I be if I just set myself up for the same issue ten years down the road? Not that I know I’ll be blogging in 2024 but I sure as heck didn’t expect to be blogging in 2014 either.)

So, because the whole thing kind of gives me a headache, I’ll ask you guys. What should I do?

I think the easiest answer probably is to rename the website. Mike did it earlier this year, going from Art of Backpacking to Art of Adventuring and it looked relatively painless. Would you guys still read this blog by some other name? And what should that name be?

The other option I can see is to turn Twenty-Something Travel into a resource site for younger travelers and start an entirely new blog for my own writings. To be honest that doesn’t sound super appealing to me, but I have poured a lot of time and effort into this site in it’s current incarnation.

I’m open to any other suggestions if you’ve got them. What’s important to me is maintaining my platform for writing about travel and connecting with readers. I don’t want to alienate people but I do want to stay true to my ever-evolving self. The question is how do I balance the stuff I want to talk about with the stuff you guys like to read about?

I’ve still got time to figure this out, and you can rest assured that any decision I make will be well agonized over. There will be big changes on the site over the next year I’m sure. For now though I’m going to kick back with a Bohemia (the superior Mexican beer), and relax. It was just my birthday you know.

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30 thoughts on “The End is Nigh: The Last Year of My Twenties”

  1. Hi Steph, because of the name of your blog, I skipped it several times at first (I am not twenty-something :)). Then I decided to check it to see what it is about and I was so nicely surprised. I found so many interesting and inspiring posts and lots of useful information. I think the current name can only limit your audience. In my opinion the best thing to do is to rename it and keep all the post here. I also really enjoy your writing. 🙂

  2. Hey, I really like your blog. I think you should just change it to thirty-somethingtravel! In that way, you will adress a new age group, also remain the readers you had before (they migt have grown up with you as well) and you don’t lose the fame you gained with the name twenty-something travel! And then, after ten years.. if you still have this blog (would be great!) fourty-somethingtravel (Yea, how would you travel by that age?). Keep up the good work, cheers from Holland!

  3. Sorry I’m a little late here. This is my first time visiting but it looks like you have a strong community, people that really have gotten know you through reading. With that being said, I don’t think you should change the name. I would just add a section on your site named, “First Time Readers” and tell the story behind the name there.

    Great blog you have here!

  4. Although it doesn’t sound all that appealing to you I actually like the idea of turning this site into a resource for twenty-something travellers and then move most of your own writing to a new outlet (maybe just something straight forward like Open this site up for other twenty-something writers to contribute to. Keep the 20-something love going?

  5. I found this site because if your post on world ventures. I have a family member who joined and I wanted some ammo for discussions about it. I stayed because I liked what I read. I do not think the title is so important. You were a twenty something world traveler. Does age matter? I do think that of you two options (name change vs. new site) the name change would be the way to go, I am just not sure it is that important. I think a play on your name is wise though – “Steph’s Stuff” or “Steph’s Travel Tips” that way when people hear your name they know who you are. My two cents….

  6. The longest one can be in their 20s is 10 years, so in 12 months, you’ll have more expertise on the subject than anyone younger than 30 😉 I also like Akila’s idea above.

  7. Happy belated birthday!

    I like the idea of organizing it by stages of your life, though regardless what you do, I’m sure everyone will keep following along. I know I will!

  8. First of all, happy belated birthday! I hope it was a good one – you certainly got to celebrate in what looks like a lovely location!

    As for the name of the site… I don’t think it really matters, to be honest. I’m totally of the belief that, when it comes to blogging, people follow people.

    Sure, people may find your site through Google, too. But the readers that check in again and again will keep doing so, no matter what the site is called!

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