The Fierce Temples of Luang Prabang

The main thing I remember about Luang Prabang, Laos was that it was HOT. So very, very hot. Visiting South East Asia during the hottest month of the year (March) may not have been a brilliant strategy, but it did decrease the number of other tourists wandering, dazed by the heat.

Luang Prabang is a city of temples. It’s the old capital of Laos (before the commies moved it down to Luang Prabang), and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unlike other communist countries, religion has been allowed to continue and thrive here and monks in bright saffron robes wander the streets.

One hot dusty day I set off to explore the temples of the city.

 Once again I discovered that the best temples all require a bit of strength and dedication to reach (Phou Si):

Young monks with an umbrella to protect from the sun. There was a school for Monks next to the temple.

Vat Xieng Toung. The oldest set of temples in town, known to be the most beautiful. I loved the details that adorned the handful of buildings here.

Worn out from a day of temple seeking in the hot sun, I settled down at a tiny cafe next to the Mekong River for lunch. The breeze was cool, but I wasn’t so lucky with the food. While delicious, this papaya salad was so hot it made me cry.

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