Where to Go in El Salvador

If you are interested in traveling to El Salvador, but you’re not quite sure where to visit, you have come to the right place. There are many places within the country that are worth seeing and experiencing, but here are some of the top places for travel within El Salvador.

San Salvador

Of course the capital has to make it on the list. It’s the biggest city within El Salvador, and is centrally located within the country. Being the capital, there are a lot of diverse things to do within the city. There are several museums, a zoo, shopping malls, parks, theaters, and more. There are also dozens of eating establishments serving many different types of cuisine as well. Of course, being the biggest city in El Salvador, San Salvador does have more of an issue with crime than other places within the country. While the gang violence is rarely targeted towards tourists, it is something to keep in mind when you travel in San Salvador.

Santa Ana

Santa Ana is the second largest city in El Salvador. It’s a little less fast-paced that San Salvador and it sees less crime. It is also known for is beautiful architecture and its involvement in the country’s coffee production. There are many museums in Santa Ana, as well as a gorgeous cathedral and theater. Santa Ana is also a great place to stay if you’re looking to visit the Tazumal Mayan Pyramid (about 30 minutes outside the city), or the Santa Ana Volcano (about one hour outside the city).


This is a small town just over an hour north-east of San Salvador. It is most known for being the “cultural capital” of El Salvador, and for its views over Lake Suchitlan. There are several boat tours you can take if you want to get out and enjoy the lake. When visiting, you can also expect to see a few small museums, parks, and churches. If you’re looking for more outdoorsy things to do, there are several hikes in the area leading to waterfalls and ancient caves.

El Tunco

If you want to enjoy the sunny coast of El Salvador, look no further than El Tunco. This is a small town just outside of La Libertad, about an hour south of San Salvador. This area is popular for surfing, enjoying the Pacific Ocean, and just taking in the vibes. On the weekends, El Tunco becomes more popular with tourists, making the town more lively.

Ruta de las Flores

If you want to get away from the bigger towns of El Salvador, the Ruta de las Flores may be more your style. It is essentially a 20-mile stretch of road that winds through the mountains of El Salvador. Between the months of October and February, the flowers in this area are in full bloom. Hence the road’s name: The Route of Flowers. As you traverse along this road, you will drive through several different small towns, each with its own sleepy little charm. Some notable towns include Apaneca, Concepcion de Ataco, and Juayua.


If you had to pick one town on the Ruta de las Flores to stay for a day or two, that would be Juayua. This cute little town has got it going on. You can’t miss the Feria Gastronomica: the food festival that takes place every weekend. You’ve also got to check out some of the nearby waterfalls in the area.

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