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Did you even know I went to Seattle? I kind of glossed over it in my rush to tell you about the EuroTrip, but back in September Mike and I spent four days in Seattle for my best friend’s wedding. It was delightful- and not just because for once it was gorgeous weather and did not even rain on us even a little bit.

Tawny, from Captain and Clark (who we got to meet up with for dinner and who are super cool), recommended we stay at the Inn at the Market, a delightful boutique hotel that overlooks Seattle’s Pike’s Place Market. Since it was our first time in Seattle and we were there for a wedding, Β it seemed worth it to actually have a grownup weekend in the city and to stay somewhere nice.

I’m not a person who gushes about hotels (even if they do let me stay for free), but I seriously loved this place! Our two days there were blissful, a calm before the storm of the wedding whirlwind. I would absolutely stay here again (and even pay full price).

The highlights:

Nice People

Have you ever wandered into a fancy hotel, sweaty jetlagged and wearing a backpack? After a 6 hour flight and a 90 minute commute from the airport downtown I felt majorly out of place in the clean posh lobby. Bless the staff here, they didn’t even bat an eye. Nor did they seem perturbed when Mike brought down a pile of clothes stuffed into a plastic bag and asked them to press his suit.

There was a warm fire going in the lobby and free lemon water, coffee or tea at all hours. Such a warm place. No snootyness here, just nice, helpful people, which always makes a big difference.

Fluffy Beds and Free Internet

Mike and I breathe free internet, without it we’ll die (or you know, go stay somewhere else). Oddly this isn’t a problem at hostels but hotels often think they can get away with charging you absurd amounts for it. Luckily the Inn does not subscribe to this philosophy.

Free internet means we actually spent some time in our room, which was super luxurious with one of those big fluffy white hotel beds that make it hard to get up in the morning because you’re just SO cozy. But then you have to drag yourself out so you can like, go sightseeing but all day long you miss that bed and are kind of just waiting for the day to be over so you can go curl up again? Add in a flat screen tv and the most luxurious bathrobe I’ve ever felt in my life and I’m basically never leaving.

Actually, maybe that’s not a good thing.

The Location

This hotel is perched overlooking the Public Market sign that shines over Pike’s Place Market. As a result, Mike and I ate nearly all of our meals all weekend down at the market. We sampled our way through fresh berries, organic cheeses and maple bacon donuts (verdict: weird). We at sushi and cheesecake and french pastries. We ate across the street at the Steelhead Diner and sampled Korean tapas in the basement restaurant Chan. Basically, we pigged out and then dragged ourselves less than a block back to the hotel.

I freaking love Seattle. I could move into the market and be perfectly happy forever.

The Rooftop

The most amazing thing about the Inn at the Market was definitely their rooftop garden. As I mentioned, Seattle was being unreasonably lovely during our visit and we used this as an excuse to have a lovely picnic on the roof of the hotel.

We weren’t the only guests with his idea either- the roof has couches and tables and loungers all overlooking the market and the Puget Sound. Little sailboats dotted the water and you could see Bainbridge Island across the water. In the afternoon when the market became clogged with tourists it was a perfect spot to relax and watch the crowd from above while sipping wine and feeling ever so slightly superior.

Did I mention the view?

Sunset from our room

Special thanks to Inn at the Market for hosting us. Opinions are my own.

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9 thoughts on “Grown-Up Seattle at the Inn at the Market”

  1. Would love more suggestions for what’s worthwhile in Seattle rather than just a review of a hotel that most people can’t afford.

  2. Nico of A Travellers Journey

    Completely understand the feeling of being jetlagged an dirty. Nothing beats a hot shower and a soft bed. That hotel looks like it offers both, with a great view to boot. Must have been a great few days πŸ™‚

  3. Love the view of the Public Market sign. I’m never surprised to hear Seattle has good weather. Every time I’ve visited it’s been crisp & sunny, hardly grey and rainy like the stereotype.

  4. Hahaha I love how you mention feeling slightly superior looking at the crowds below…I get the same feeling now and again when I’m staying somewhere nice πŸ˜‰ It’s a rare occurrence, though.

    I would say that I’d like a rooftop picnic right now, but it’s 11am here in Korea and already below zero. I’d rather have that bed transported here so I don’t have to leave my apartment, although I’m sure my boss would have some less-than-favourable things to say about that. Boo, that whore.

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