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You know how sometimes you just don’t, or can’t, click with a city? Mike and I both felt this way about Guadalajara. I was excited to visit: it’s the second biggest city in Mexico, the artsy alternative to Mexico City and the center of Mexico’s tiny microbrewery scene. In reality though, it was huge, it was scorching hot, it probably has a great personality somewhere, but I  just couldn’t get a foothold to understand or enjoy this place.

There were a couple of bright spots though. The food was great, with some new Jalisco-centric specialties to try. The small town of Tlaquepaque was delightful: it’s  basically a cross between a city suburb and a small artist’s village.

Here were the highlights of three days in and around Guadalajara:

Guadalajara’s enormous cathedral, completed in 1854
The Palacio de Gobierno
The Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres
The central market, largest in Latin America and basically heaven for foodies.

Torta Ahogada – a pork sandwich smothered in chili sauce. You eat it with a spoon.
Flan de Jalisco
Guadalajara is the birthplace of mariachi-music
Chiles in Nogada- stuffed poblanos topped with a super rich walnut sauce
Church in Tlaquepaque
gorgeous statues line the streets in tlaquepaque
a mini- cupcake flight!

We visited Guadalajara with a complimentary rental car procured by CarRentalsUK.

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