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After Sunday’s post I realized that I had a lot more Iceland pictures I wanted to share with you. Over the course of 10 days I took almost a thousand pictures, here are my favorites:

The Blue Lagoon outside of Reykjavik. The water comes from  a nearby geothermal power plant, is steaming hot and leaves your skin pillow smooth.

Barnafoss, one of the many gorgeous waterfalls in Iceland.

A traditional Icelandic turf-roofed house. Unfortunatly, even though settlers have lived in Iceland for a thousand years, very little of their architecture survives.

A bubbling hotpot of mud on the crust of Krafla volcano.

The desolate scene around one of Iceland’s several active volcanoes. The most recent eruption here was 1984.

Caught between snow and sky during a high altitude drive to Seyðisfjörður


Cereal-box perfect Puffins nesting on the island of Papey off Iceland’s East coast.

Eery blue icebergs floating in the Jökulsár Lagoon with Vatnajökull, Iceland’s largest glacier, in the background.

The gorgeous green little town of Vik, one of Southern Iceland’s major cities with a whopping 3000 inhabitants.

The beach at Vik. This picture was taken around 1 am and as you can see it was still quite light out.

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11 thoughts on “Iceland in Pictures”

  1. What beautiful pictures! You have totally inspired me to go to Iceland soon ( I have always wanted to study the volcanoes there)

  2. These pictures are beautiful! The town of Vik is in southern Iceland, not very far from where the volcanic eruption is. Check out for bus trips all around Iceland!

  3. Great shots! I am so happy to hear you did it with a canon elph (that’s my camera of choice too)! These photos prove you don’t need a $1000 SLR — and besides, the best camera is the one that fits in your pocket and can go anywhere! If people are interested, some of my Iceland pictures can be seen here:

    1. You should definitely try to get over there, it’s such a neat place. Make sure you get out of Reykjavik/ The Golden Circle area because there is so much else to see too.

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