Key West on a Budget: Cheap Things To Do

It’s easy to spend a lot of money in Key West. However, there are a lot of budget options for people that look hard enough. Here are my best tips for Key West on a budget.

Key West Garden Club

Key West on a Budget: Key West Garden Club


Maintained by its members and volunteers, the Key West Garden Club is completely free. TThere aren’t many places in Key West you can go in for free that’s worth going into but this one is. It’s a small paradise inside paradise. This garden holds various rare plants with a pleasant areas to sit down and relax. It takes about 20 minutes to walk around the whole tower and is a great activity for Key West on a budget.

The Key West Garden Club at the West Martello Tower is located at 1100 Atlantic Boulevard on Higgs Beach where White Street meets the Atlantic Ocean

Rent a bike and just ride around

Do as the locals do. Many of the locals ride their bikes to get to places. Dodge the clueless and drunk tourists on Duval St and go through the side roads to see how drastically different the rest of the island is from the main streets. You’ll find bike rental places all throughout Duval St.  Save on transportation and see a different side of the island: its a win win!

Get to Key West Cheaply

Key West on a Budget: Get There Cheaply With Shuttle Buses from Miami


There are many shuttle buses that get to Key West from Miami.  If you are looking to get to Key West on a budget this is the place to start.

Key West Historic Marker Tour

There are plaques throughout Key West on historic sites and buildings explaining a bit about its history and why it’s there. On each plaque there’s a number which indicates its location. By calling a number, you get a more detailed tour of what you’re looking at. Alternatively, you can also use the Key West Historic Marker Tour website. It’s a free self-guided walking tour.

Camp on Dry Tortugas National Park

Key West on a Budget: Camp at Dry Tortugas Park


For as little as $3 a night, you can camp at Dry Tortugas National Park. You’ll have to bring your own camping gear but this place truly is unique if you’re looking for a cheap and beautiful island to escape to. Keep in mind you will still need to pay for the transportation to get there but if you are in Key West on a budget this will save you a handful on accommodation.

Hang out at the beaches

There’s a bunch of beaches you can hang out at. Check out South Beach, Dog Beach, Smathers Beach, and Rest Beach. Little known fact, none of the sand on Key West is actually from Key West. They’ve imported all the sand to create that beach feeling. The waves are not strong enough to break the rocks to form sand. But a beach day is always a good way to visit Key West on a budget!

Key West Cemetery

Since 1847, the Key West Cemetery is estimated to have buried around 100,000 people. The cemetery is now very limited on space (only if you know someone very important you can be buried here) and nature seems to be taking over the cemetery making it more unique and different. One of the most popular tablets is inscribed “I Told You I Was Sick.” Other wacky and weird inscriptions are “I’m Just Resting My Eyes” and “Devoted Fan of Singer Julio Iglesias.”   There isn’t much information on their site but they do offer walking tours twice a week. You can do the self-guided tour through their brochures as well.

Found at 701 Passover Ln, Key West, FL.


Do you have any other tips to see Key West on a budget?


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