A Late Summer Getaway to Panama City Beach

Every summer around the end of August I start to feel really antsy. No matter how much I’ve traveled earlier in the season, the knowledge that the warm weather and free-spirited feeling of summer is slowly ebbing away makes me desperate to take advantage of the time that is left.

I’m not taking a late summer getaway this year. Instead, I am busy apartment hunting and couch-pricing. It’s times like these that I log online and start living vicariously through my friends’ adventures. Luckily, as you could probably guess, I have a lot of traveling friends. Which is why I’ve become slightly fixated on Florida, in particular, Panama City Beach.

Earlier this summer, five bloggers, including my friends Kristin Luna and Keryn Means, traveled to Panama City Beach with the goal of checking off as many PCB Bucket List items as possible. Fun stuff like riding in a helicopter, wreck diving and something called kayak fishing.

I’ve never been to Panama City Beach, but reading about their adventures, and browsing the PCB Bucket List website, got me thinking about what I would do on vacation there. Here is my shortlist:

Get a Fresh Taste of Gulf Seafood- I am not a huge fish person, but I love shrimp and grits! I would love the chance to explore regional Gulf cuisine.

Get Sea Legs While Paddleboarding- After discovering the peaceful fun of paddleboarding in British Colombia earlier this summer I’m eager to give it a second try in the warm Gulf of Mexico. If I felt brave I might also take a crack at actual surfing for the first time.

Get Your Picture with a Pirate at Piratefest– I mean, a Pirate Festival, need I say more? This year it’s October 10-12 and features treasure hunts, sword fights and more. There are also some terrific looking fall music and food festivals going on later this year.

Snorkel the Emerald Waters- I don’t do scuba, but I love to snorkel and the clear waters off the coast sound perfect for it.

Take A Picture of Your Toes in the Sand– I would love to do this because man, I miss having my toes in the sand. There might be sand somewhere in Seattle, but I haven’t found it yet.

Right now the Visit Panama City Beach website is running a program where users can create their own bucket lists and win some fun prizes like t-shirts and beach bags. Head on over and start planning your own Fall fantasy vacation.

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8 thoughts on “A Late Summer Getaway to Panama City Beach”

  1. I’ve never even heard of Panama City Beach (I would’ve assumed it would be in Panama the country, not Florida :D). It sounds lovely, and in the middle January when it’s really cold where I live I think it would even nicer.

  2. Panama City Beach is for sure a wonderful place to go, and the Pirate Festival is a wonderful idea…I am convinced that I should try that place sometime.

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